Switched ON: West Nile First Region to roll out Digital Messaging Service

Nebbi Diocese became the first Diocese to roll out Cente-Tech's Digital Messaging Service across all 60 parishes.

This morning, Nebbi Diocese became the first Diocese to roll out Cente-Tech’s Digital Messaging Service across all 60 parishes. This comes after Centenary Technology Services (Cente-Tech) – a member of Centenary Group earlier this month pitched camp in the West Nile region onboarding the church dioceses onto its Digital Messaging Service.

The Digital Messaging Service, offers SMS, USSD, Email, and IVR capabilities to its users. The service launch this morning means that the diocese of Nebbi will now be able to enhance communication with its congregation using SMS, USSD, IVR, and email.

Bishop Raphael Wokorach, Nebbi Diocese, said technology is without a doubt a good tool that can drive transformation. “We are happy to lead the way and be the first diocese to adopt this service. I implore all the Parish Priests to utilize this service to reach our people. Thank you Cente-Tech.”

Steven Kirenga, Cente-Tech Head Product & Business Development and Customer Experience, remarked, that digital platforms are rapidly becoming a critical lifeline to streamline and sustain operations across communities. He further noted that the company is glad that Nebbi is the first diocese to take on this transformational digital messaging service.

“By incorporating digital messaging into our offerings, we’re helping our church reach wider audiences and broaden their communications to ensure efficient message delivery,” he said.

Mobile phone connections are reported at 36 million in Uganda, the launch of the Digital Messaging Service means that the church will have a more effective and cheaper media channel to reach its audience across all institutions in the diocese.

During the discussions, the Parish Priests, from all the dioceses, shared that using this new service, they would ensure that the predominantly youthful congregation use their phones for good, as opposed to using them for vices such as gambling.

The Digital Messaging Service is a secure platform that already has robust cyber security protocols in place, such as end-to-end encryption.

Cente-Tech, the technology company of Centenary Group, is intentional about transforming the lives of the people and promoting environmental conservation through financial inclusion and innovative business solutions.

With a combined ICT industry experience of over 90 years in the public and private sectors, Cente-Tech provides holistic technology solutions and delivers innovation that matters to enable and inspire growth. Cente-Tech’s niche lies in ICT advisory and Research; ICT Managed Services and Infrastructure; and ICT Innovation and Digital Services


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