A Review of WorkinTool Image Converter

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We are now living in a world teeming with pictures with the advent of social media. Intending to make their images conspicuous and gripping, people are now inclined to edit them before uploading them to the platforms. That is the reason for the emergence of image editors.

With the help of an image editor, it will be simple and convenient to edit a picture. We are fully aware that the options vary in the market, so we have done the research for you and will review a practical and free image editor —WorkinTool Image Converter. We sincerely hope you can find some valuable information through this review. Based on our trial, although the main feature of WorkinTool Image Converter is image conversion, it is a practical and powerful image editor extremely suitable for social media lovers.

WorkinTool Image Converter is a lightweight tool designed with an easy-to-use interface. Besides, brief instructions are viewable on almost each feature page, so even beginners will find it simple and convenient to operate.


There are many useful and fascinating features for your to choose from including Edit Images, Photo Restoration, Add Special Effects, Picture Collage, among others. For each of these features, you don’t have to be tech-savvy when trying it and only a few steps will export a perfectly edited picture without losing quality.

Also, the WorkinTool Image Converter works perfectly with the Windows system and it is entirely FREE for users. Hence, all its features are accessible without a license payment and compulsory registration. The supported operating systems are Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

Feature Explanation
Edit Images

There are nine features in this section to assist you in your image editing:

  • Image Resizer: It allows you to change the size of your pictures. You can customize the size by dragging the frame edge or with the help of the templates like those for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Image Filters: There are 40+ effects in WorkinTool’s seven filter categories for you, including Duotone, Black, and White, High Quality, Smooth, Cold, Warmth, and Heritage. Your pictures can be so customizable that they can make an attractive presentation with these filters.
  • Image Adjuster: This function can be used for professional purposes as it enables you to make alterations in the following sectors: brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma correction, clarity, shadow, highlight, exposure, black, white, color temperature, and sharpness.
  • Image Blur Filters: WorkinTool provides four modes to blur your photos, including radial, mirror, linear and gaussian blur.
  • Image Frame Adder: You have five choices to decorate your pictures, from a filmstrip-like frame to a rainbow-colored one.
  • Image Superimpose Filters: You can have up to 17 overlay effects to beautify your images. The specific adjustment to each effect can be easily made.
  • Image Text Adder: You can insert some customized texts into your photos. The text style is totally adjustable.
  • Image Sticker Adder: There are at least 90 stickers for you to make your pictures more vivid in WorkinTool’s two categories: Expression and Shape.
  • Image Brush Editor: You can use a brush to “re-create” your photos with your own painting. The brush size and color are easily changeable.
Photo Restoration

With this innovative feature at hand, there is no need to cost a fortune to repair your photos if your primary purpose is to share them on digital platforms after they are repaired. You have four choices to “restore” your photos:

  • Repair Old Photos: This feature is helpful to restore some of your damaged old photos, including blur removal, color adjustment, and sharpness enhancement. The processing is automatic after your photo is uploaded.
  • Enlarge Image Size: It helps you enlarge your photos to a printable size so that they will be printed in extremely high quality.
  • Color Antique Pictures: You turn your black and white photos into colorful ones with the assistance of this function.
  • Fix Facial Blur: You can adjust the sharpness of the faces of some portraits on your images and make them clear to see.
Repair Old Photos
Color Antique Pictures
Add Special Effects

This is definitely another creative feature developed by WorkinTool, which mainly targets the portrait(s) in a photo. You can have so much fun with your image editing and make a fresh present on your social media if you have tried all the magic in this section:

  • Cartoonize Photo: You can turn your portrait in your photo into a cartoon image easily and instantly.
  • Change Gender: The portrait in your photo can be switchable when you choose this function.
  • Youthen Yourself: This feature allows you to make the portrait in your picture look younger.
  • Age Yourself: In contrast to the function above, it gives the portrait in your photo an older look.

All these functions are so intriguing and funny that I can’t help trying all my pictures with them.

Picture Collage

This feature offers you an opportunity to put plenty of your pictures together and export a new image as a whole. It is also quite useful given that the picture number limit applies to most social media platforms. You are allowed to add as many photos as you can to make a picture collage. However, it is advisable to put no more than 15 pictures together once. Also, the collage details can be adjustable, including frame, space, and filleted corners.

WorkinTool Image Converter is incredibly reliable even though it is a free tool. When it comes to image editing, it boasts multiple practical and helpful features, ranging from image filters, sticker addition, and special effects to image adjustment, text creation, and picture collage. Besides, it gives you a sense of joy to use with its unique functions made for fun. Therefore, it suits both personal and professional needs. So you can try this useful and powerful software right now.

Our Verdict of WorkinTool Image Converter

Reasons for Having It

Reasons for Declining It

  1. Lightweight and simple interface.
  2. Professional image adjustment features.
  3. Multiple editing features for fun.
  4. Various useful filters.
  5. High-quality Output.
  6. Completely FREE currently without registration.


  1. Limited formats supported in editing features.
  2. Compatible with Windows OS only.