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Absa Bank Customers Can Now Withdrawal Money Using QR Codes

Absa Bank Uganda introduces the country’s first cardless withdrawal function on ATMs which allows customers to use a QR Code generated from an app to withdrawal money from an Absa ATM.

Absa Bank Uganda today announced its cardless withdrawal functionality for their Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), one of its kind in the country. The innovation allows customers to use a QR Code generated from the Absa Banking App on their smartphone to withdraw cash at any Absa ATM countrywide.

Musa Jallow, Retail Banking Director at ABSA Bank Uganda speaking to press during the launch of the card withdrawal functionality for Absa ATMs.
Musa Jallow, Retail Banking Director at ABSA Bank Uganda speaking to the press during the launch of the card withdrawal functionality for Absa ATMs.

While speaking to members of the press at their head offices in Kampala, Mr. Jallow Musa, the Retail Director, Absa Bank Uganda said, “Digital payments are evolving at a fast pace, particularly during this Covid-19 era where public health is a primary concern.”

He added that “Absa is responding to the needs of customers who are looking for convenience and security as well as solutions that enable them to conduct their banking with as minimal physical interaction as possible.”

“We are, therefore, proud to bring yet another innovation that responds to these needs,” Jallow remarked.

The bank’s strategic ambition is to become a fit-for-purpose, digital-first business.

Absa has made significant investments in digital innovation and infrastructure during the past few years and continues to promise further innovation as a critical component to the development of its ecosystem.

“This new cardless solution, which is in line with our ongoing delivery of next-generation solutions for our customers, ensures minimal contact is made with the ATM screen and keypads,” Jallow noted. Adding that “It also protects customers and minimizes the risk of cards being compromised at tampered ATMs.”

Cardless ATMs allow users to access their cash without a physical debit card. All a user needs to do is log in to the Absa Banking app on their smartphone and while in the app, the customer selects the ATM QR Cash icon, then scans the QR Code on the ATM. Once the scan is done, the customer’s phone will present options of the amount of cash to be withdrawn, and once confirmed, they can collect their cash from the machine.

The function joins a host of other digital innovations offered by the bank such as the contactless functionality on the bank’s vertical debit cards, the Novo FX mobile application, and the AI-powered Abby WhatsApp chatbot.

“At Absa, we remain dedicated to finding differentiated transactional banking propositions to meet the evolving needs of our customers by providing innovative, digitized products delivered through personalized service,” Mr. David Vinolin, the Absa Groups Programme Director for Card and Payments, said.

This launch is one of the many innovations in the banking sector that Absa Bank Uganda has done since its rebrand in November 2019 from Barclays Bank. The Cardless ATM functionality launch is the first in the market in the digital space.



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