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How Live Online Experiences Can Affect People’s Lives

Technology has made life more accessible.

Technology impacts every aspect of our lives, from how we stay up to date with the news to how we purchase items, making our daily lives easier at every opportunity. It’s not just our personal lives that are getting a digital upgrade, but every industry seems to be taking the technology route. Whether it is from live learning and education resources to watching live sports and entertainment in our own homes, technology has made many aspects of life more accessible.


With people turning to digital more and more, it’s no surprise that technology has enhanced the entertainment industry, whether from watching live performances or playing online games. The opportunity to watch live performances can help people to discover both old and new music and shows, supporting events when they may have otherwise been inaccessible, such as watching movies with long-distance friends using Telepathy. This means that you can talk about what you’re watching with friends who you haven’t seen in a while, with technology bringing people together.

It’s not just movies and music that are possible to enjoy online, as the online gambling industry has also adapted so that players can continue to engage and play games via the Internet. For example, playing bingo live lets users experience the game in high definition with real players to interact with, from the comfort of their own home, at whatever time suits them.



As with entertainment, technology has almost revolutionized the way people watch and experience live sports; from watching matches online to live score updates. By introducing people to a variety of different activities, the sport has become more accessible to more people. Furthermore, live streaming games have become one of the most popular technological advancements, with fans no longer needing to purchase expensive tickets or travel for miles to watch their favorite teams. This means fans can enjoy watching the match with their friends in the comfort of their own homes. Social media has also helped make watching sports online a more immersive experience, by providing sports fans the opportunity to interact with each other as the game is being played.

Higher Education

The use of technology in higher education not only benefits academic performance but can allow professors to create tools that nurture understanding. Institutions can also reduce the number of physical resources they need which will help lectures run more smoothly, with professors improving their teaching methods and creating personalized learning plans. There is also the ability for students to receive one-to-one tuition, helping them to overcome any difficulties they may have with their studies.

Students that use technology can use this to communicate with both the lecturer and other students more easily, which can help if they have trouble speaking up in seminars. In addition, students may be able to submit assignments online, reducing the need for printed papers and examinations. Teachers can then assess these without worrying about transporting piles of paper from different places.

Technology is finding new ways of enhancing people’s lives, from changing the way we enjoy entertainment, to how people access education. By changing how people learn and play, technology can help make our experiences more accessible for those who may not be able to take part, especially if they live far away.

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