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The Important Trends in the Music Industry

There are some of the latest trends in the music industry that will help you when you pursue your music production course and gain knowledge about this domain.

2020 seemed to be a year of crisis for everyone, including the ones in the music industry. However, the year 2021 promises new hope and lease of life for music producers, artists, and everyone who is engaged in music marketing, creation, and distribution.

Today, there are new colleges and institutes coming up to help people learn more about music production. To know more about it, you can check out the best music production courses in Mumbai.

Now that we are halfway through 2021, the music experts are having a sigh of relief about the progress of the music industry. The reason is rooted in the different trends in the music industry, which will propel music enthusiasts to learn more about music production. Some of the important trends include the following:

  1. Social media music live streaming

Owing to the maximized accessibility and user-friendliness of the audio interfaces and various other advanced music production devices, music artists today can perform from the comfort zone of their houses. They have the option to stream their performances and gigs across various social media platforms and connect with their fans.

The self-quarantining music artists, as well as musical institutions, are gathering to the online domain to highlight their talent. According to the latest researches, close to 83% of the music revenues in the year 2020, generated from streaming services. Today, the music artists are live streaming on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook and are reaching several audiences across the globe.

  1. The Indies have become prominent

One of the finest things about the music industry vertical is that anyone who has the gift and is committed to their craft can create an impact in this world of music. According to the latest reports, there were about 1,500 independent musicians in 2019 in the United States. Latest studies also suggest that indie artists contributed to a major chunk of the music revenue in 2020. Since the pandemic still continues with its subsequent waves, it is evident that independent musical artists will try to search for scopes to highlight their gift.

  1. Visual albums and music documentaries

The visual albums were there since the year 2013. It was when Beyonce initially wanted to surprise her fans with almost 17 standalone videos to follow her 14 Beyonce tracks. Back in the 1960s, it was the Beatles to integrate mini-films into their albums. The emergence of visual albums and music documentaries has become prominent with leading artists trying to unleash all their visual creativity. Today, artists like Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, and Shawn Mendes are a few names who are into visual storytelling through their albums.

  1. Non-traditional music playlist

The conventional process of making a playlist comprises categorizing songs as per the music genre. Also, today, the music streaming services make use of high-technology algorithms for curating music that is in sync with the music listeners prevailing moods, peculiarities, lifestyles, and cultural preferences.

The POLLEN playlist in Spotify is a great example of this traditional process of play-listing. It is a great way for the lesser-music genres and independent artists to rise.

These are some of the latest trends in the music industry that you should know. It will help you when you pursue your music production course and gain knowledge about this domain.


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