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DFCU Launches App To Provide Clients Security Against Sim Swaps and Phishing Attempts

Lloyd Jonathan Busuulwa, Head of Alternative Channels at DFCU. (FILE PHOTO/PC TECH MAGAZINE)

Lloyd Jonathan Busuulwa, Head of Alternative Channels at DFCU. (FILE PHOTO/PC TECH MAGAZINE)

DFCU bank unveils a new app called ‘TrustFactor’ to replace the One-Time-Password (OTP) verification, which the bank hopes will not only speed up transactions but improve security for customer’s accounts as well as bearing in mind the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are now migrating to authentication of transactions through the Trust factor app. We are currently on a journey of migrating all our internet and quick banking users onto trust factors. All transactions will be authorized through the app in real-time,” Mr. Lloyd Jonathan Busuulwa, Head of Alternative Channels at DFCU, said. Adding that the app provides DFCU clients with security against Sim Swaps and Phishing attempts which might target their accounts and money.

He explains that customers using the DFCU Bank’s QuickOnline, QuickConnect, and QuickApp channels will have to make use of the Trust factor app to ably authenticate and complete transactions.

“To succeed as a business in a world that’s changing, organizations must provide efficiency, speed, safety, and reliability to their markets and customers. The utilization of new technological advancements to simplify life is one way to do this,” he adds.

By using the right infrastructure, Busulwa said DFCU Bank has embarked on a journey that will positively bring its brand promise; ‘Making More Possible’ to life for its customers across the country.

With its latest campaign, ‘Banking at the Speed of U’, DFCU hopes to fulfill two key objectives; the first is to turn the bank into a 4.0 Bank; banking services delivered in real-time with the help of technology.

He noted that the bank will also focus on enhancing customer experience through the adaptation of digital services. This he said calls for a change in customer behavior which the Bank believes it can achieve one changed mindset at a time.

“Among other enhancements, DFCU has revamped its online banking services DFCU QuickBanking is an Omni-Channel platform which provides multiple ways for customers to transact, including; USSD for feature phone users, Online and App for Smartphone and computer users,” he said

First reported by: Kikubo Lane

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