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Best Landing Page Tips & Tricks to Improve Conversion

Landing pages are perfect to nurture visitors, educate prospects about your offers, and drive conversions. (PEXEL PHOTO)

Landing pages are perfect to nurture visitors, educate prospects about your offers, and drive conversions. (PEXEL PHOTO)

The use of landing pages is a great way to direct potential customers to better-targeted pages that are specifically designed for a single offer and are better able to generate leads at a much higher rate.  Whether you want to sell more stuff, or just grow your email list, landing pages are perfect to nurture visitors, educate prospects about your offers, and drive conversions. The core purpose of a landing page is to draw the attention of a visitor to a particular product or offer while limiting distractions. People are on landing pages just for a specific purpose either to make a purchase or to sign up for your email list.

However, converting website visitors into customers with landing pages is not a piece of cake. There are so many things to consider for better landing page optimization. Use of a white label solution like Convrrt Enterprise White Label Landing Page builder is also a great way to create and optimize landing pages in the best and easier way possible.

In this blog post, there are some best landing page tips and tricks that every brand or business should consider to improve conversion rate.

Determine the goal of your landing page
Before you embark upon designing, you should determine the goal or objective of your landing page. For instance, if you want to get more signups for your newsletter or email list, it should be a sign-up page with an easy-to-fill form. Whereas you should opt for a product page if you want to sell a product or service online. It will help you choose elements appropriately to make your page relevant, appealing, and user-friendly too.

Know your audience
Being mindful of who will be visiting your landing page allows you to increase the relevance of your pages to significantly improve conversion rates. Instead of using the same and generic messaging for all of your landing pages, use particular messaging on each of your pages that are optimized for the specific target audience. By doing so, you can create a compelling copy that is relevant to the interests and needs of your audience. This also helps a lot in the conversion rate optimization process so you can convert more even without spending extra effort.

Consider all critical elements of an effective landing page
Landing pages are also known as ‘lead capture pages, as they are created for special campaigns, targeted audiences, and short-term marketing goals. They enable you to convert landed visitors into leads by completing a transaction or by collecting required information. That’s why it is very much important to include all the critical elements to make a landing page perfect.

Components that you must include in your landing pages are:

Craft a Killer Call to Action
Rethink your call to action strategy if you are still using ‘submit’ or ‘check out’ buttons as CTAs. They are incredibly important to make customers’ journeys easier on your website or landing pages. Strategically placed calls to action can make a huge difference between a bounce and a conversion. So, try to make your calls to action more compelling than a simple ‘submit’ button.

Build trust with reviews
Online shoppers usually read reviews and recommendations before they make final buying decisions. In simple words, positive reviews can have a direct impact on the sales of a business or brand. Almost 85% of customers trust online reviews when they are about to make purchases online. That is the reason; you should include customer reviews in your landing pages to build trust and loyalty.

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