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Why Are Native Ads Better Than Display Ads

Native ads contribute greatly to the growth of a brand by promoting brand awareness and it also earns more revenue or profit for a brand.

Both native advertising and display advertising are important tools for digital marketing. Oftentimes, publishers are stuck in between choosing either native ads or display ads.

However, the fact that using advertising as a tool to earn more revenue from your site remains unchallenged.

While some publishers are not ready to let go of native display ads as a tool for digital marketing, some have embraced native advertising and they’re already putting it to effective use.

Also, you might be wondering since they’re both paid ads, what then is the difference between them?

The purpose of this article is to shed more light on why truly native ads are better than display ads.

But before we go on to that, let’s understand the meaning of the two components of digital marketing.

Native advertising

We could say that the term native advertising was derived from how it approaches advertising. This form of advertising was designed in such a way that it blends in smoothly with the original content making it feel less obstructive and disturbing than other forms of advertising.

How to recognize a native ad
More often than not, it is hard to recognize native ads on a website or social media platform. But there are ways by which you can tell when content is infused with a native ad.

You can tell by the inscription of words like sponsored or paid content posted at the top of the content. Save for these tell-tale signs, it is usually difficult to decipher a native ad from the original content.

Display advertising

As a tool for digital marketing, display advertising has been an effective one. It used to be an effective way of advertising and earning revenue well before the inception of native advertising.

How to recognize a display ad

As the name implies, display ads come in visual forms. It makes use of videos, images, or pop-ups to pass across messages. It was formerly known as banner ads.

Generally, display ads are easy to find. From the small or large ads that appear when you open a website to the images, texts, and audios you see as you continue on that site, they’re all display ads.

Having understood what the different types of ads mean, let’s continue with why native ads are considered to be better than display ads.

Native ads are better than display ads, True/False?

True! Native ads are better than display ads. We’d be comparing and contrasting the different types of advertising to establish the fact that truly, native ads are better than display ads.

While native ads have a knack for driving traffic to your site, that can’t be said about display ads.

As earlier stated, native ads embed themselves into the contents that it’s hardly passable for an ad. This increases users’ interest and engages them. They’d hardly know when they come across an ad and click on links that the ad is advertising.

But display ads, although used to be effective, come with many inconveniences. It not only disrupts users’ experience, but it shortens users’ stay on a site. This is in no way helpful in driving traffic to one’s site.

Also, due to its advertising approach, native ads earn more revenue from your site because of the high clickability rate. It increases sales and influences brand awareness greatly.

This is not applicable to display ads. Because of the consistent pop-ups, videos, and images, consumers may opt to block out ads to ease their experience on a site or they can choose to ignore it deliberately.

This doesn’t contribute to the growth of a brand and it definitely cannot increase revenue. Once the purpose of advertising is defeated, what then Is the essence of advertising?

Bottom line

As this article has shown, native ads contribute greatly to the growth of a brand by promoting brand awareness and it also earns more revenue or profit for a brand.

It engages users and prolongs their stay on a site. In case you’re still in doubt, native advertising is an improved version of display advertising.

It is better to adopt this new development so you can thrive in this ever-developing digital marketing environment.


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