Infinix Prepares To Launch its NOTE 10 Series Smartphones in Uganda

Infinix Mobility is rumored to launch three NOTE 10 smartphones in Uganda next week, which will succeed the Infinix NOTE 8.

Infinix Mobility is set to launch three NOTE 10 series smartphones in Uganda next week with a rumored launch date of June 8th, 2021. The smartphones will succeed the Infinix NOTE 8 that was launched at the tail of 2020.

The phones are rumored to be high-performance smartphones, integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as a powerful and fluid display, quick-charge battery, AI-advanced cameras, and cinematic sound compared to its predecessor. PC Tech Magazine has been told that the phones have been created so that professionals, entertainment lovers, and everyday users can enjoy through asymmetry of aesthetics and performance.

Our expectation on the phone is wrapped around improvement in performance. We expect an upgrade on the processor, storage, and display as well as cameras.

We expect a huge display, the company might not change the 6.95-Inch FHD+ display seen on the predecessor, the Infinix NOTE 8. Having to go over this, is a 7-Inch display that hasn’t been seen on a smartphone as yet. The huge display gives more content viewership, provides better entertainment express to mention a few.

The Note 10 series is also said to come bearing 6 rear cameras with the main camera having a sensor of 48MP. According to some online reviewers, the cameras on these phones will enable users to capture crisp and sharper photos. On the other hand, allow capturing video of up to 4K resolution from both the front and rear cameras. Hence producing perfectly stable and clear videos even with busy backgrounds.

The NOTE 10 series’ high performance is said to be optimal, undisturbed with capabilities powered by top performance and cutting-edge hardware and software backed by a powerful 5,000mAh with 33W quick charge. If the rumors turn out to be true, the NOTE 10 will have a less battery capacity compared to the NOTE 8 that packed a 5,200mAh battery.

We expect the phone to support quick charging. An insider with Infinix Uganda told PC Tech Magazine that the phone will support quick charging and could be 50 minutes faster compared to the predecessor.

Infinix NOTE series smartphones are seen as the high-end smartphone from the company —having good performance, good displays, quick charge support among other reasons.

Notably, the NOTE 10 will be the second line of smartphones the company will have launched after the Infinix HOT 10 Play that was launched in March this year.

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