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Roke Telkom Revamps its Self-care Portal to Enhance Customer Experience

Roke Telkom has revamped its self-care portal in a bid to enhance customer experience and enable them self-serve with convenience.

Roke Telkom has revamped its self-care portal in a bid to enhance customer experience and enable them self-serve with convenience. Using the revamped portal, customers will be able to conveniently manage their accounts on the go or from wherever they are yet guaranteed seamless interactions.

Commenting on the revamped portal, Michelle Baine, the Brand Manager, Roke Telkom, said the company’s continuous innovation is to ensure they have the customer’s needs at the center of the processes and to ensure these needs are incorporated in every fabric of our services and products.

“At Roke Telkom, our value proposition has always been superior customer service. In this particular service; the self-care portal, the value is convenience. On top of our reliable and affordable internet, we want our customers to enjoy a seamless experience, whether purchasing data or checking for their balance. The other advantage is – the portal is available 24/7.” Baine explained.

The portal’s main features include; checking & tracking data bundle usage, checking bundle balance, topping up on data bundles, and ticket follow-up, to mention a few.

The self-service function avails different platforms where Roke customers can be assisted, on top of customer service helplines, USSD prompts, and the main Roke Telkom web portal. It also takes into consideration the fact that customers have unique needs.

Customers can access the self-care portal using a mobile, tablet, or PC device. The customer will visit the main Roke Telkom website and click on the ‘My Roke’ icon on the top right corner of the Homepage.

Global trends in not just the telecom industry but businesses, in general, have placed effective customer service experience at the top as a key determinant for customer retention. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses continue to provide their customers with instant, on-demand services to fulfill their needs, such as making payments, troubleshooting basic service issues, among others.

“For telecom companies, providing a positive customer experience is more important now than ever before as it is tied directly to customer retention,” according to a Customer Service Benchmark Report on the telecom industry, by Netomi, a leading artificial intelligence company, and developer of human-computer interaction technologies.

It adds; “Modern customers expect quick, effortless resolutions on their channel of choice.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has also occasioned a shift in customer behaviors, leading many businesses to consider contactless interactions with their customers by building or augmenting their digital capabilities.


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