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Digital Marketing Tactics For Insurance Companies

Whether you are company offering life insurance, builders risk insurance, general liability cover or business insurance, here are some digital marketing tactics you can use to improve your presence online.

Digital marketing has changed considerably in a past few years. The use of billboards, TV ads, and print media are becoming outdated marketing methods as they lack the results that modern day marketing tactics offer.

Since modern consumers are better able to access useful content and information in more engaging and interactive ways, insurance companies don’t rely on outdated marketing methods anymore. They are investing both time and money on modern marketing techniques to guide and reach wider audience. Gone are the days when insurance agents were known as the key source of insurance information. In this modern world, insurance providers are using advanced online tools and techniques to help customers do comparison and request quotes within a matter of moments.

Whether you are company offering life insurance, builders risk insurance, general liability cover or business insurance, below are some proven digital marketing tactics you can use to improve your presence online.

Well Structured and User Friendly Website
Whether it be a bank, insurance provider, or real estate business, website is one of the most important element of the online portfolio. It is also known as the foundation of all your digital marketing strategies. You must develop a well-structured and user friendly along with all necessary information and details like insurance policies, quotes and coverage calculators etc. Always choose a responsive and easy to navigate web design for your insurance company website to help users find required information instantly.

Content Marketing
Modern consumers are more likely to do online research before they make purchase whether online or in-store. They seek recommendation and customer testimonials to ensure they are not spending money on something useless. This is the reason, instead of selling insurance policies, try to resolve customer problems and issues related to insurance by providing high quality and informative content. Along with updating your website with fresh and useful information, start an insurance blog and keep sharing informative, interesting and problem solving content on it. You can do keyword research to find out the best insurance related keywords and topics that can drive more traffic to your blog or website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Since people rely more on Google search to learn more about a product or service, optimizing your insurance website for search engines would be a great idea to appear in more search results. SEO allows you to increase visibility of your insurance website in search engines for specific keywords and phrases that people use to find out insurance related stuff. SEO if done properly, not only helps you appear in top SERPs but makes your business look credible as well. It helps you drive more organic traffic to your business that you can easily convert by providing excellent user experience.

Social Media Presence
Social media is a powerful marketing tool these days to drive more traffic and new customers to any business or company. Modern day customers usually follow their favorite brands across different social media sites to get latest updates and information. They also use social media to check for customer reviews and recommendations before they make final buying decisions. This is the reason, you should also build a strong social media presence to reach a broader audience worldwide. Social media profiles can also be used to interact with customers to resolve their queries as soon as possible even while they are scrolling through their social feeds. You can also run social media ads to reach audience with specific interests and requirements.

Improve Customer Service With Chatbots
In this modern world, people are impatient and are always in a hurry. They want their queries and problems resolved instantly. This is where chatbots come into play. Chatbots are easy to create and can answer common questions and queries in real time. You can use them on website and social media profiles to respond customer queries immediately even without human interaction. It helps you improve response time and make customers feel valued and heard.


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