Wazi Vision Invites ‘Afrocentric’ Design Pitches to Build New Eyewear Collection

Wazi Vision to build a new set of eyewear frames made of 'Afrocentric' Glass Designs.

Wazi Vision Limited, a startup company incorporated in Uganda that builds eyewear frames using sustainable, upcycled, locally-sourced materials; like plastic, wood, bark cloth, recycled fabric and horn —has announced a call of Afrocentric glass design pitches from any artists, designers, and aspiring creatives across Africa, to build their new collection of Wazi eyewear.

‘”Afrocentric glasses design is one that is done with African contexts and cultures in mind. We are looking for authentic African stories to be told through the designs submitted,” Brenda Katwesigye, founder and CEO Wazi Vision told TechCabal. She adds that, “We believe that there is an opportunity to tap into the creativity across the continent and help to tell the stories of inspiring artisans, which we aim to bring to life through our eyeglasses.”

Interested designers across Africa can submit their ideas (FOLLOW LINK) not later than March 21st, 2021. Shortlisted finalists’ designs will be shared on Wazi social media platforms and the designs with the most votes will be announced as winners on May 10th, 2020.

The chosen designs will be created by the Wazi team using the sustainable materials. The overall winner will receive a cash prize of £1,500 (roughly UGX7.7 million). Three other selected artists will get the opportunity to earn a share of profits on any pair of their glasses designs sold through Wazi.

Katwesigye founded Wazi Vision after discovering that eyeglass frames are more expensive than lenses —the most crucial components of eyewear. She recognized her unwelcome revelation in the eye space was an opportunity, and in 2017, she launched the company having received USD$75,000 (roughly UGX274.5 million) from the U.S. African Development Foundation to conduct research and development.

Fast forward, Wazi has produced a batch of glasses and a pair costs between UGX70,000 and UGX100,000. “Costs are kept low by the use of recycled plastic,” Katwesigye said.


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