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Huawei To Empower Women Developers Globally Through its Huawei Women Developers Program

Huawei hopes to create a special community for women developers on the Huawei Developers Platform.

Huawei Technologies has launched the ‘Huawei Women Developers’ (HWD) program, which aims to empower women developers to create applications and tools that can change the world. The program is intended to encourage more women to join in technological innovation by providing participants with more opportunities and platforms for career development and skill training.

Huawei in a press statement said more opportunities and support must be given to women to ensure they have access to the education and training that they need to be fundamentally competitive in the digital economy. Adding that equipping them with these skills has proven to promote social integration and inclusive and diversified societies.

“We believe that women will lead technological innovation. We hope that the program will help women better leverage their talents and unique value, and give them opportunities to demonstrate their leadership abilities,” Huawei Senior Vice President Chen Lifang said in a statement released this afternoon to members of the press.

The Huawei Women Developers program is the newest initiative that the company [Huawei] has taken as part of its commitment to promoting gender equality. It is available/open for all the women developers globally, and interested developers can apply through this link [HWD Program].

The program will provide participants with training on technological innovation and career development paths, along with opportunities to meet with experts in cutting-edge technologies from various fields. As well as give them a chance to participate in hands-on scenario-based experiments and drills.

Huawei hopes to create a special community for women developers on the Huawei Developers Platform. The company also through its existing Shining-Star program, offers women developers special incentives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants from the program who develop outstanding projects with big potential have the opportunity to be featured in campaigns.

To date, Huawei has successfully launched similar digital skill training programs for women in many countries. Over 30% of trainees in Huawei’s other ICT training programs, such as Seeds for the Future, are women.


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