Prime Bank Customers Can Now Use SimbaPay to Send Money Across 15 Countries

SimbaPay providing a seamless platform for Prime Bank’s customer base to send money abroad swiftly.

Prime Bank Kenya with London-based FinTech SimbaPay launched an instant international money transfer service via the bank’s digital platform PrimeMobi.

Through SimbaPay, Prime Bank customers will now be able to instantly and securely send money directly to bank accounts or mobile wallets across 15 countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia including India, United Kingdom, China, Germany, Uganda among others.

SimbaPay’s Head of Operations; Mr. Victor Karanja noted that the service will provide a seamless platform for Prime Bank’s customer base to send money abroad swiftly.

“Kenyans and expatriates with friends and family abroad send over USD$18 Billion to other African, Asian and European countries annually with several billion Kenya Shillings going through the Simbapay network. Therefore, this service will offer Prime Bank’s customers a world-class fully digital International Money Transfer service,” Karanja said.

Prime Bank’s Director for Business Development, Mr. Vijay Kantaria said they embarked on investment in technology through partnering with various FinTechs to accelerate its digital integration plan.

“Through our digital platforms, we aim to make available a one stop solution to our customers in terms of funds transfer. And with the inclusion of SimbaPay, our customers will now send money to across the world at the comfort of their mobile phones,” added Mr. Kantaria.

To access the service, customers will need:

  1. Login to the bank’s mobile banking app – PrimeMobi.
  2. Click on International Money Transfer icon on the homescreen. Process how much you want to send.
  3. After confirming the amount to be sent, the sender’s bank account will be debited and money credited to the beneficiary instantly.


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