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Smile Communications Introduces Flexible Unlimited Internet For its Customers

MoreChoice, MoreValue and MoreAffordable flexible and unlimited internet from Smile Communications

Smile Communications introduces new unlimited internet world of choice. Effective October 28th, 2020, Smile has introduced a NEW range of flexible, unlimited internet offers with MoreChoice, MoreValue and that are even MoreAffordable to enable customers to experience more flexibility in selecting the unlimited internet option that best suit the specific data needs of consumers in Uganda.

The NEW range of flexible unlimited internet options, are tailored based on:

  • How long they want to stay online (Period: Daily, Weekly or Monthly).
  • How fast their internet should be (Speed: Up to 10Mbps, 3Mbps or 2Mbps).
  • How much data they need (Daily FUP: 4GB, 6GB, 8GB or NO FUP).
  • Something for everyone (Price).
  • Flexibility – (NEW unlimited Boosters are available for each of the new unlimited internet offers to enable customers to experience TRUEUnlimited with NO limit on data used).

Data bundle

Daily FUP*


Price (UGX)

Additional Boosters

Unlimited Gold Daily

(speed up to 10Mbps)


1 day


Free Unlimited usage from midnight to 6AM

Unlimited Bronze Weekly(speed up to 2Mbps)


7 days


Night Bronze Weekly: UGX8,000 with unlimited access from midnight to 6AM

Unlimited Gold Weekly

(speed up to 10Mbps)


7 days


Full Bronze Weekly: UGX20,000 with NO daily FUP

Unlimited Silver Monthly

(speed up to 3Mbps)


30 days


Night Gold Weekly: UGX5,000 with unlimited usage from Midnight to 6AM


Full Silver Monthly:UGX60,000 with NO daily FUP

Unlimited Gold Monthly

(speed up to 10Mbps)


30 days


Night Gold Monthly:UGX10,000 with unlimited usage from Midnight to 6AM


Full Gold Monthly: UGX20,000 with NO daily FUP

Its should be noted that the data speed of the new unlimited offers drops to, up to 512Kbps once FUP is reached.


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