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Roke Telkom Partners With Facebook to Launch Roke Express Wi-Fi

Roke Telkom Chief Executive Officer Roger Sekaziga. Photo Credit: @roketelkomug

Roke Telkom in partnership with Facebook have today launched Roke Express Wi-Fi a more scalable service network and internet service program that will increase the number of access points to the internet, improve deployment scale and enhance the efficiency of over 600 Rokespots.

The new Roke Express Wi-Fi has 3 key customer benefits; it eliminates the need for physical vouchers, has an app that helps users locate Rokespots easily and gives an overall enhanced user experience.

During a press conference, Roke Telkom CEO Roger Sekaziga extended gratitude to Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg for extending the opportunity and for choosing Roke Telkom as the ideal partner for the Express Wi-Fi initiative in Uganda.

Such strategic partnerships indicate that, regardless of the setbacks COVID-19 has created, Ugandan enterprises continue to strive to bring better services to the citizens.  

Roke Telkom, a Ugandan public service provider for voice and data communications services and Facebook Incorporation is a global social networking service provider.

Uganda becomes the 8th country in Africa to partner with Facebook to build more internet access points that will enable developing countries easily set up and manage their hotspots, in turn providing high speed connectivity to more communities. 

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