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7 Reasons why you Should Switch to Video for your Corporate Trainings!

Organizations need their employees to keep learning and evolving while they continue working.

Like everything in the digital age, learning processes are evolving at breakneck speed. What may be the gold standard of industry practices today, may lose its sheen tomorrow, and be forgotten the day after. Organizations need their employees to keep learning and evolving while they continue working. In fact, 4 out of 5 Learning & Development professionals admitted that employee development is one of the top priorities for the management of any organization.

However, developing and updating offline Learning & Development programs comes with several challenges including limited manhours, reduced budgets and low return-on-cost ratios among others.

The answer to all these obstacles lies in training videos. They are incredibly cost-effective, easy-to-create and are revolutionizing on-the-job learning when deployed in a company’s training program.

Keep on reading to discover seven reasons why you should give training videos a go.

1. Learn at any time, learn from everywhere

This is probably the most important reason for using videos for training and on-boarding purposes. With the onslaught of the global pandemic, work-from-home is a reality that employers cannot ignore. As a consequence, learning and development has to adapt accordingly. Training videos can help you bridge this distance, and ensure all your employees remain up-to-date with the latest learning you have to offer, anytime, anywhere.

2. Less spend, more learning

The biggest cost associated with training is the money spent on delivering it. The cumulative cost of instructors’ time and travel reimbursements can make up as much as 85% of the total training cost. So when you create training videos instead, you do away with the need for live training sessions and instantly save up on that massive cost.

3. Better engagement, better learning

Studies have shown that 75% of all people (including your employees) prefer watching videos rather than reading a document, article or an email, for one simple reason — videos are usually much more interesting than any other format, and your employees are more likely to engage with and complete the training modules if they comprise of videos.

4. Makes learning more flexible

Video training sessions give your employees more flexibility and control over the time, place and length of their sessions. It has been observed that shorter sessions help in better retention and absorption of information. Flexibility in learning allows an increase in efficiency and ensures employees incorporate what they learn in their roles.

5. Measure the learning

Have you ever been able to tell if a classroom training session conducted by a training team, or training materials handed to the team have led to effective learning? The answer to that would probably be no. But with videos, you can turn it into a resounding YES!

Training videos make it easier for you to track your employees’ learning progress. You can measure the number of views and also find out if they have viewed the video completely, or have dropped off in the middle. These metrics will give you a good idea of how your employees are responding to the training program.

6. Same learning for everyone

One of the biggest drawbacks of the classroom training is that no two sets will get the same experience. It depends on a variety of factors – the ability of the training instructor to deliver the session with the same efficiency, the mindset of the employees engaged in the training, even the day of the week! With appropriately produced video training sessions, you can ensure all your employees get the same experience.

7. Make onboarding simpler

Onboarding processes have a massive role to play in terms of employee satisfaction and retention. A well-executed onboarding process can drastically reduce employee turnover and sets the tone for what to expect going forward. Videos can be a fun, interactive and unique way to make your new employees understand your company’s culture and values, and give them an insight into what they can expect during their tenure at your organization.

Now that you have some solid reasons to make the switch from classroom training to creating training videos, your next step should be to find a dependable production expert — one that can help you create your training program your way. Meet Shootsta, a tech company that can help you create and edit creative and industry-appropriate training videos with an exceptionally quick turn-around time of just 24 hours.

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