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Game Day Launched in Uganda; Targets Youth to Create Virtual Games

Game day targets the vibrant innovative youth in Uganda to create games in Virtual reality amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

Gamers Night in partnership with Figurines Uganda under Motiv Uganda have launched the Game Day, a monthly event that involves gaming tournaments, virtual reality (VR) games, fundamentals of game design and workshops on the future of virtual sports in Uganda.

The event that attracted a number of young people included Ugandan comedian Daniel Omara and Cameroonian Boris Ardim who commended Game Day as a whole new experience of gaming as well as an opportunity to meet and making new friends and network.

Omara expressed his excitement for the virtual reality games, saying it is the best way to introduce new people to gaming besides mobile phone games, advising that such games should be done in moderation.

MoTIV is a tribe of talented makers who provide a space in which makers have access to high quality innovative machinery, training and can collaborate and inspire each other. It opened up in March this year in response to the gaming needs of youth in Uganda. It is now present in Kampala, Gulu, Jinja and Mbarara and the products created are sold online.

Motiv’s Tribal Lead; Eugen Kavuma, said; “Motiv is a mega space whose goal is to accelerate creative business industries.”

Motiv believes in providing solutions that are sustainable, ethical and impactful. The categories in which they create include wood and metal work, textile, kitchen station, media and co-working space.


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