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How to Easily Play League of Legends Online

Learning how to play League of Legends starts with the tutorial allowomg you to familiarize with the steps needed to properly grasp what the game is about.

If you’re into multiplayer battle arena games, then League of Legends is the best choice for you. This iconic game was developed by Riot Games and was released back in 2009. The idea behind the game came from a multiplayer mod map from another came called Warcraft: 3 and it has seen tremendous success ever since.

You get to choose from several powerful champions with distinctive abilities and you join teams to battle against other players. Each map has several NPCs for every team and your objective is to destroy the other team’s main building which is called the Nexus. If you’re thinking about playing it, then read on to learn how you can easily play LoL online and have fun.

Don’t Skip the Tutorial

Many gamers tend to skip the tutorial before playing a new game, but that isn’t a smart move because this game can be quite competitive. Believe it or not, learning how to play League of Legends starts with the tutorial because it allows you to familiarize yourself with the action bars, the user interface, the controls, and the steps needed to properly grasp what the game is about.

You don’t want to jump into a real match and get beaten too badly on your first round. Not only will you feel bad, but your teammates will also be annoyed. It’s okay to be a noob in League of Legends, but you should at least practice and know the basics first before starting a real match with other players online.

Try Out Different Champions

You should try out different champions in League of Legends because you need to figure out which one you enjoy best. Also, this game has a ranking system and it could be difficult for you to climb the ladder if you keep practicing and losing constantly. It would be wise to make different accounts or get a couple of LoL Smurfs to practice and experience different champions until you find the right one that is easy to play. This will help you keep your main account safe from lower ratings after each loss and you can use your other smurf accounts for practicing and trying out different strategies for each champion you pick. Once you’ve mastered a champion, you can play with it on your main account and have minimal losses that can push you to the Diamond or Challenger rank.

Never Forget About Wards

You will need to get used to placing wards and never forgetting about them each match, especially if you play a support champion. You need to continuously utilize control wards to track the movements of the other team. Most experienced players suggest that you place the wards near rivers or the northern area of the map. Rivers and top areas of the map are the most effective ways to track what the enemy team is doing. You won’t have to worry about dark fog in those areas and it can be quite easy to counter their movements with wards. When you have proper visual over your enemies, you can use different strategies against them. Most of the pros like using the jungle pathing or teleportation tactics to turn the game around to their favor and win.

Slay Every Minion

You should always slay minions in every game because it can make the game easier. Even though they are NPCs, you must keep killing them to prevent your base from getting overwhelmed and because they give your champion experience. Not only that, but they will also give you gold if you landed the last killing blow. Minions come in waves and you can’t ignore them because if you’re just focused on the enemy players or turrets, the minions can eventually destroy your defensive turrets at your base. This will make it easier for the enemy team to enter and destroy your Nexus. The gold and experience you gain from killing these minions will improve your champion and give you more abilities to use in the battle.

It’s always exciting to try a game for the first time, even if it was released years ago. League of Legends is one of those games that age like fine wine. This means that it only gets better over time and it will continue to increase in popularity. It would be wise to research different tactics and strategies to learn how to play better. This can improve your ranking and you can increase your chances of winning each match. Prove to the world and your peers just how impressive you can be when you play LoL and show them what you’re capable of.


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