UCC Launches a Call for Business Plan Proposals for Wi-Fi Hotspots

UCC to fight against COVID-19 by addressing communication needs of people transiting through the border posts. Calls for business proposals to build Wi-Fi hotspots.

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), through the Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF) has launched a call for business plan proposals under a grant to cater for Wi-Fi Hotspots at four border points; Busia (Busia district, Uganda-Kenya border), Mpondwe (Kasese district, Uganda – D.R Congo border), Lwakhakha (Manafwa district, Uganda – Kenya border), and the Katuna (Kabale district, Uganda – Rwanda border).

The third phase of the RCDF prioritizes broadband connectivity and access as one of the programs for funding and implementation of projects. This is also further supported by both the ICT Sector Investment Plan (ICTSIP) and the National Broadband Strategy (NBS) which are very specific that the fund should now target Universal access to broadband as the key objective.

People in transit have communication needs that can be fulfilled through access to public Wi-Fi hotspots as long as they own a Wi-Fi capable device since Wi-Fi does not require a simcard or existence of a subscription relationship with a service provider.

This move comes in the bid to the fight against covid-19 by addressing the communication needs of people transiting through the border posts.

According to their website and social media posts, the Commission is now seeking to collaborate with a suitably qualified stakeholder with the requisite qualifications, competencies, and experience as per the eligibility criterion and statement of requirements to supply and operate Wi-Fi hotspots at four border posts.

The grant application is open effective June 15th – 26th, 2020.


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