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How URA Intercepted Truck Driver Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus

URA Commissioner General, John R Musinguzi. Courtesy Photo

URA Commissioner General, John R Musinguzi. Courtesy Photo

Government revenue collection agency, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) yesterday reported that on Monday of this week intercepted a truck driver at the Corner Kamdini Customs Check Point having tested positive for coronavirus.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country, URA have directed all truck drivers driving into Uganda to present themselves to the Ministry of Health officials to test for coronavirus as a measure to combat its spread.

Prior Monday, the truck driver on his way to Southern Sudan went through the same procedure before clearance by immigration officials and URA to proceed with his journey. However, his results came back 24 hours later after he had left for his destination.

URA used its Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) tracing the driver from Malaba OSBP up to Corner Kamdini Customs Check Point where he was intercepted.

URA Electronic Cargo Tracking System. Courtesy Photo

RECTS utilizes the GPS to trace the movement of trucks from their point of entry in a country right up to the point of exit to curb cargo dumping among many other risks along trade routes.

Following this interception, a team led by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives; Hon. Amelia Kyambadde, who also happens to be the Chairperson of the National Covid19 Taskforce accompanied by Gen. Katumba Wamala the Co-chairperson of the Taskforce and also the Minister of Works and Transport met with the newly appointed URA Commissioner General, John R Musinguzi at the URA Towers in Kampala to discuss how they can take advantage of RECTS in the fight against coronavirus.

Hon. Amelia Kyambadde accompanied by Gen. Katumba Wamala in a meeting with the URA Commissioner General, John R Musinguzi at the URA Towers. Courtesy Photo/URA

In the meeting, there were other dignitaries from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry Of Health.

After hours of discussions, Musinguzi took the team on a tour of the Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System Control Centre as they witnessed how trucks are electronically trailed in real time from the points of entry up to when they exit the country.

Simultaneously, visited the Central Command Targeting Center where they witnessed real time monitoring of activities at the borders.

URA said the monitoring systems can provide information to the National Covid19 Taskforce on what is happening at the borders in terms of whether people are practicing and adhering to the medical guidelines issued by the government; such as social distancing, hand washing, and sanitizing, among others.

Notably, the government launched a web portal which has legitimate facts on the status of COVID-19 in the country. Currently according to the portal, 55 have been tested positive with the virus, 20 have recovered, but there are no cases of death as yet.

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