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How You Can Privately Reply to a WhatsApp Chat in Groups

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging social media platform in the world. Estimated to have more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. Of recent, a report by App Annie—the messaging surpassed Facebook app to becomes the most popular app owned by Facebook. App Annie’s annual ‘State of Mobile’ report, stated that in Sep. 2018, WhatsApp for the first time had more monthly active users worldwide than the Facebook app.

To stay as the biggest, widest, and popular application globally, Facebook keeps rolling out updates that in one way or the other favors the users. From quoting replies in groups, voice & video calls, statues updates, live location sharing among others.

WhatsApp groups are growing big on the social platform. Other than individual chats, group chats reach out to a vast number of people in a short time. Groups now are being used to advertise, news reach, among others. Facebook is now making it easier for its users to communicate easily via groups. Features like quoting messages, voice/video chats connecting to 4 users, among other are handy features.

One other feature now that comes handy in group chats, is privately replying to chat. Launched in Nov. 2018—dubbed ‘Reply Privately’—allows you to select messages in a group conversation and be able to send private replies to a user instead of replying in the group itself.

So how can you privately reply to a chat in a group,

Well if your application is up-to-date, then you can continue with this article. Otherwise, update your app to receive the feature.

  1. One your application.
  2. Select one of the groups you belong to.
  3. Scroll through to see what chat you want to privately reply to. Note, that you private reply to the person that sent that very chat.
  4. Long tap on the message to select. And on the top right corner—the vertical 3-dot menu >> select >> from the pop-up menu, select Reply Privately.
  5. One replying privately, it redirects the quoted reply to the individual chat. The recipient can on the other well tap on the quoted reply does redirect him/her to the group chat.

This feature is handy for users who are hesitant in voicing their views in a group conversation, but still want to air their views. On the other hand, its useful when it comes to marketing. Sharing multiple products for sale, you simply quote out one, for the sender to easily follow up.[related-posts]

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