Popular Ugandan Websites That Have Been Marked ‘Not Secure’ by Google

Daily Monitor Uganda (dailymonitor.co.ug) is the most visited website in Uganda with a Daily Pageviews per Visitor of 2.61. Daily Monitor Uganda (dailymonitor.co.ug) is the most visited website in Uganda with a Daily Pageviews per Visitor of 2.61.
<center>Daily Monitor Uganda (dailymonitor.co.ug) is the most visited website in Uganda with a Daily Pageviews per Visitor of 2.61.</center>

Ending July, Internet firm; Google launched the Chrome v.68 for desktops stating that the new update for the browser will start labeling all HTTP (unencrypted) sites as NOT SECURE effective after roll out. If your Chrome web browser is updated to version v.68, the effect will show – you will able to see what sites are not secure.

The Chrome 68 omnibo now shows the not secure’ label along aside the small i icon for all HTTP pages, instead of just the small i icon. This label not only highlights the unsecured nature of the HTTP pages but also push webmasters to prefer HTTPS over HTTP.

According to reports by BBC News, about 20% of the world’s top 500 websites are using HTTP. On the other hand, according to statistics gathered by security researcher Troy Hunt, more than half of all the web’s top one million sites have not flipped to HTTPS yet.


Understanding HTTP and HTTPS in a quick second, the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) defines how data is passed around the web. The “S” in HTTPS stands for “Secure” and ensures that data is encrypted before it transmitted. But, still there’s no evidence that any of the sites without the HTTPS certificate are currently subject to attacks that abuse insecure data. However, it is worth getting the certificate.

Now that the Chrome 68 version update is available globally, over 50 popular Ugandan websites such Daily Monitor, Nile Post, NTV Uganda, NBS Uganda, Africell Uganda, Parliament of Uganda, Government of Uganda, All Ugandan Ministerial Websites, Smile Communication, Vision Group, Roke Telkom to mention a few are marked as not secure.

The following 50 websites are sorted according Alexa ranking and loads over an insecure connection without redirecting to a secure, encrypted connection.

14,119 monitor.co.ug
71,339 theeastafrican.co.ke
79,014 ugbliz.com
86,382 nilepost.co.ug
166,645 djerycom.com
171,675 roketelkom.co.ug
185,181 nbs.ug
199,726 supremacysounds.com
210,672 ntv.co.ug
212,965 imuganda.com
234,445 ucu.ac.ug
260,366 africell.ug
290,190 sqoop.co.ug
292,283 psc.go.ug
309,548 advancedmactools.com
310,452 must.ac.ug
318,609 health.go.ug
342,761 nftconsult.com
343,199 ppdaproviders.ug
347,161 smile.co.ug
360,591 kiu.ac.ug
364,061 iuiu.ac.ug
374,974 galaxyfm.co.ug
375,772 fufa.co.ug
379,020 radio.co.ug
395,725 immigration.go.ug
421,285 parliament.go.ug
425,117 umi.ac.ug
443,884 cavendish.ac.ug
444,738 education.go.ug
484,187 mubs.ac.ug
484,189 tangerine.co.ug
485,966 theinsider.ug
520,567 visiongroup.co.ug
529,911 gou.go.ug
653,342 ugandainvest.go.ug
680,579 jms.co.ug
681,494 fsduganda.or.ug
783,302 hesfb.go.ug
819,400 judicature.go.ug
857,502 socialprotection.go.ug
869,715 opm.go.ug
874,246 mglsd.go.ug
879,016 afjrd.org
884,813 musph.ac.ug
884,891 gameuganda.co.ug
884,899 newz.ug
917,731 finance.go.ug
917,736 publicservice.go.ug
958,012 boauganda.com

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