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YouTube Now Has 1.9 Billion Monthly Active Users & An Average of Over 180 Million Hours of Watchtime

Google-owned video-sharing website, YouTube, according to the company Chief Executive; Susan Wojcicki said the platform now has over 1.9 billion monthly active users and an average of over 180 million hours of watchtime on TV screens every day.

“With the increasing penetration of smartphones, data becoming affordable and ever-growing availability of content, 80% of internet users across all age-groups in the country are accessing YouTube,” Wojcicki said in a statement.

Every day, over 60 million users click into or engage with YouTube Community posts. Livestreaming on the other hand continues to be an area of growth for creators, with watch time of livestreams increasing by 10X over the last three years.

“Our overall interactions, such as likes, comments and chats, grew by more than 60% year over year. More and more creators are building their businesses and discovering that they can shape the global conversation with just a phone and an internet connection,” Wojcicki notes.

YouTube recently announced a Copyright Match tool, which uses the matching power of Content ID to help creators find copies of their content when it’s been uploaded by other channels. With the tool, after a new video is uploaded, YouTube would run a scan to see if there is any other video that resembles the uploaded video and if a match was found, it would appear on the matches tab.

Wojcicki said the company had been testing this tool with thousands of creators over the last year to tailor it to users specific needs and would be a great complement to the range of copyright tools they provide.

Written with source from IANS


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