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Editor’s Pick: Highest Paying Technology Jobs You Would Opt For

Working/having a job is a big responsibility in one’s life. Whether you went to school or not, if you feel like it’s time for you to stand up for yourself, and survive on your own, then you would much need a paying job. However, having gone and completed with school is a very much big necessity when it come to job seeking. Unlike job creators, who have their business planned out already, thus ending being self-employed. But still, one way or the other, you will need your academic documents.

Today, it is so common to find working people, doing jobs that they’re not passionate about. In another scenario, you find one doing a job, that isn’t related to what they studied at all. For instance, you studied ICT, and you’re a businessman dealing say in car importing, and exporting business.

Anyways, in this editor’s pick, we’re looking at technology jobs. And as many might know, some technology jobs come with a very good paying check – because we all want a well paying job and the technology industry is often regarded to have some of the best.

According to US-Based Internet firm; Glassdoor, Inc. – a website where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management, they released a list of 10 highest-paying technology jobs that are high in demand and will enable you to draw good amount of remuneration.

So, what are these highest paying technology jobs;

Software engineering manager
They’re responsible to develop, research and test softwares for the company, they are estimated to have an annual salary of USD$163,500 (roughly UGX606.6 million) – meaning every month they’re expected to get USD$13,625 (roughly UGX50.6 million).

Data warehouse architect
With their main role of overseeing all the accumulation of data which is later used for analysis, they’re estimated to have an annual salary of USD$154,800 (roughly UGX574.4 million) – meaning every month they’re expected to get USD$12,900 (roughly UGX47.9 million).

Software development manager
These guys are somehow similar to sofrware engineering managers, but I guess what they don’t do is research which is done by the engineers. Thus, they are responsible for developing and testing applications and systems for a company. They are estimated to bank an annual salary of USD$153,300 (roughly UGX568.8 million) – meaning every month they’re expected to get USD$12,775 (roughly UGX47.4 million).

Infrastructure architect
An infrastructure architects takes care of the IT systems of a company. Their job role includes looking after data centers, servers, cloud computing and others. So they’re estimated to have an annual salary of USD$153,000 (roughly UGX567.6 million) – meaning every month they’re expected to get USD$12,750 (roughly UGX47.3 million).

Applications architect
The application architect is assigned to take decision regarding the applications within a company with their role that consists of deciding how to build new apps and how to use the available tools at hand in application development. They estimated to have an annual salary of USD$149,000 (roughly UGX552.8 million) – meaning every month they’re expected to get USD$12,417 (roughly UGX46 million).

Software architect
The software architect is estimated to have an annual salary of USD$145,400 (roughly UGX539.4). Their job role requires planning the overall development of a software. From their annual salary, they get USD$12, 117 (roughly UGX44.9 million).

Technical program manager
With an estimated annual salary of USD$145,000 (roughly UGX537.9 million), they are responsible to keep a track of all the various projects of the company, run test codes and overlook the development process. Earning USD$12,084 (roughly UGX44.8 million) per month.

Enterprise architect
An enterprise architect is the one who has the responsibility of planning the deployment and maintenance of servers, software and other IT assets. Their position comes with a pack check of USD$12,033 (roughly UGX44.6 million) every month, making an annual salary of USD$144,400 (roughly UGX535.7 million).

DevOps engineer
The DevOps (development and operations) engineer gets the annual pay check of USD$137,400 (roughly UGX509.7 million) earning USD$11,450 (roughly UGX42.4 million) per month. Their job role involves all the coding part of the software or application.

Information security engineer
The information security engineer was estimated to have an annual salary of USD$131,300 (roughly UGX487.1 million) – with their job role which is to protect the company’s data from hackers as well as strengthen the company’s encryption. Earning them USD$10,942 (roughly UGX40.5 million) per month.[related-posts]

Sourcing from Glassdoor, and GadgetsNow News

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