Running out of storage space on iPhone. (Photo Courtesy: Cashify)
Running out of storage space on iPhone. (Photo Courtesy: Cashify)

It always becomes a nightmare once we start getting this notification…“Storage space running out” and you feel like everything you have on your phone is still much needed, but at the same time you need to create more space on your smartphone. However, no matter how much internal storage you get as standard, you’ll always find a way to fill it up but still you can try not to fill it up to its maximum. And by maximum I mean you getting the running out of space notification.

First thing we ought to know is that these days phones typically come with at least 8GB of storage as standard, or perhaps 16GB or 32GB or 64GB if you’ve bought a budget model. On the other hand, we have seen high-end smartphones having up to 128, 256 Gigabytes of internal space. Today, smartphone manufacturing are going far to introducing a 512GB storage variant. This some ginormous space, that might require no usage of a microSD card as an extra extension.

However, even with us having all that space on your smartphone, it is always at a point of getting full. This is when you get a bit too carried away with installing apps, taking photos and videos, backing up your files on your phone, to mention a few.

Even if you’ve not run into any storage issues just yet, managing your storage properly can help keep things ticking along nicely in terms of performance. You will rarely or not see any chance of hanging/lagging even while multitasking.

Editor picks a few ways you should consider on creating space on your smartphone:

1. Junk Cleaning
Junk cleaning might be a minor solution but it does help. This involves daily junk cleaning, or even hourly. It might look much and hectic, but it does help in the long run.

2. Clear application cache
Many might not know this option but it is a big thing when it comes to creating space on your smartphone. Just like the way you see web browsers keep cache, mobiles application do to. Therefore, when dealing with apps, bear in mind that the app itself, its data, and its cache all add up to the total space used by the app and you can clear most of the cache to create space. How! Go to your phone settings >> Select App option >> Select any app that your want to have the cache cleared >> Select the Storage option >> You’ll see the clear cache option that you will have to select. All set

3. Files Deleting
Audio, Video, Photos, Documents, always fill up your space. Yes! It might be that you need them, but not all of them. Delete files that are not necessary to you, and by this, you will be in position to acquire more space. However, there’s a second alternative for this, simply transfer your files to cloud storage or back them up on your computer. This applies mainly say to to the documents, videos, and photos. You can keep the audios but transfer the rest and you will have created space on your smartphone.

4. Uninstall unnecessary application
Why keep applications that you don’t need no more – go a head and have them uninstalled. On the other had go to your settings then apps, then check applications that haven’t been used in a while. Proceed to uninstalling them, so you have more space on your smartphone.

5. Download Lite Versions on applications
Today developers have creating lite apps that consumer less space, and data. This is one of the best solutions of having more space on your smartphone. There are lite apps like; Facebook Lite, Skype Lite, Uber Lite, LinkedIn Lite, Twitter Lite, to mention a few.

6. Purchase a microSD card preferable a larger size
Purchasing a microSD card would almost solve everything when it comes to creating space on your smartphone. Smartphone manufacturers have always created slots for expandable memory. If you have one, it would be better to purchase a bigger is capacity say 128GB and have all your media files – documents inclusive, and have the internal memory for only app installation.