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DialJack Moto-Taxi Hailing Service Launches in Uganda, Brings Two Handy Features

On Tuesday we reported a new hailing service/firm; DialJack took to its Official Twitter handle to announce its launch to the Ugandan market. Scheduled for Thursday, the company decided to have the launch earlier today, and was held at the Brood, in Bukoto.

The team at DialJack told the press that the company has a strong affinity for Uganda and its culture and opted to introduce a better, safer and more efficient transport service to the general public than what is currently on offer. They further added that they have been in operation since the beginning of this year, and started recruiting riders in April. They now have over 100 riders.

Like any other hailing service we’ve seen on their first launch, DailJack has offered free rides to everyone on the first day of their operations, and thereafter, there will be 50% for all rides for the next month.

DialJack has claimed, it commits to innovation in its continued offerings to customers and its riders with a lucrative rollout of community initiatives where; Personal Accident Insurance, paid by company and Recognition initiatives: Funding of Permit costs. They have partnered with AfriSafe Risk Consultants Limited; a premier Insurance and Risk consulting firm – on the issue of insurance. Riders will be given UGX25,000 daily for 10 days should they get an accident.

DialJack Boda will charge UGX1,000 minimum fare. Payments can be made by cash, or MTN/Airtel mobile money.

Two handy features we’ve seen on the app; SOS button and schedule ride really impressed us. The SOS button can be used in case of any emergency, and if there’s any rider within that particular area they can be of your assistance – while the schedule option allows the customer set when they would want to have them picked up.

DialJack now joins safeboda, uberboda, and taxifyboda in the moto-taxi hailing business.

The DialJack mobile app is available for download to Android, and iOS users.

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