DialJack to launch this Thursday in Uganda. (Photo Courtesy: DialJack Twitter)
DialJack to launch this Thursday in Uganda. (Photo Courtesy: DialJack Twitter)

It has come to our notice another moto-taxi hailing company plans to launch this Thursday in Uganda. Dubbed DialJack, the starting company took to its Twitter to announce when its official launch will happen.

“Dial Jack is launching this Thursday and Ugandans will be able to experience inexpensive and safe rides around the city. Download the app to enjoy free rides this Thursday and 50% off for the next month,” says the tweet.

Launching DialJack will have to face serious competition from Safeboda, Uberboda, TaxifyBoda, that are already leveraging the market. As seen in a few pictures shared on their twitter handle, their attire looks more like for TaxifyBoda or Uberboda. Light green reflector jackets and helmets.

DialJack will be the third moto-taxi hailing firm to launch in Uganda this year, after TaxifyBoda, and UberBoda who launched in February, and March respectively.

Meanwhile Safeboda is reportedly said to launching their product in Kenya later this year. On the other hand, Kenya’s own transportation network firm; Mondo Ride early this year reported it would launch in Kampala though there was no mention/comment of when.

Mondo Ride is a multinational online transportation network company founded in UAE by Troels Andersen and based in Nairobi, Kenya. They serve both taxi/cab and boda boda services same as Uber, Taxify (as well as SafeBoda on the hand of moto-taxi).

Also, Safaricom’s cab taxi hailing service; Little Ride was also in April reported that it would expand their services to Kampala in May. We haven’t seen their launch yet, or their operations.

Therefore, the riding hailing service is getting more and more intense.