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Taxify Adds a Large Car Option ‘Taxify XL’ To its App

Taxify finally brings an large car option to its apps. Dubbed; Taxify XL, now the transportation joins the likes of Kenyan-based hailing firm Mondo, and US-based; Uber Technologies. The option was rolled out in March and allows to carry up to 6 passengers.

“The XL feature is one of the options that Taxify has created for those riding/travelling in big groups. The XL category will give people the option of travelling in groups of up to 6,” Shivachi Muleji, Regional Manager East Africa said in a press statement.

Taxify XL now gives 10% discount with fares at 2,500 UGX Base fare, 150 UGX per minute, 850 UGX per KM, and 6000 UGX Minimum Fare. Taxify will compensate the drivers with bonuses to compensate for the discounted price.

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