125 Ugandan Entrepreneurs Make it to 4th Cycle of TEF Entrepreneurship Programme

With more than 150,000 Africans from 114 countries worldwide applying to join the 4th cycle of The TEF Entrepreneurship Programme, Uganda had 125 entrepreneurs making it to the cycle.

The programme is the largest African philanthropic initiative devoted to entrepreneurship and represents the foundation’s 10 year, USD$100 million commitment, to identify and empower 10,000 African entrepreneurs, create a million jobs, and add USD$10 billion in revenues to Africa’s economy.

These selected entrepreneurs will receive USD$5000 (roughly 18,281,500 UGX) a non returnable seed capital funding.

Uganda followed Nigeria with the most entrepreneurs selected. Kenya came in the the third place.

Agriculture category dominated with over 45 entrepreneurs. This shows that Uganda might have or “has” more agricultural entrepreneurs than any other sector.

Here’s the full list of the selected Ugandan entrepreneurs
Abaas MpindiEducation and Training
Agnes NamirimuAgriculture
Aidah NakibuukaAgriculture
Aisha NabukeeraEducation and Training
Albert OlodiAgriculture
Alex OkelloAgriculture
Allen MuteesiManufacturing
Amos KarugabaEducation and Training
Andrew EtuketHealthcare
Andrew SsenyonjoAgriculture
Anne NabukenyaAgriculture
Annet Grace AtimHealthcare
Annet Odong SsanyuEducation and Training
Anthony IsangaEnergy/Power Generation
Arnold RuyongaEnergy/Power Generation
Arthur WonialaEnergy/Power Generation
Assumpta AbboEducation and Training
Augustus KagyeneEducation and Training
Barbara NabigamboTourism/Hospitality
Bazil Mwotta BiddemuAgriculture
Benson SandeHealthcare
Billy OchenAgriculture
Brian Galabuzi KakemboEnergy/Power Generation
Caroline MitiwuAgriculture
Cassidy Catherine AlwenyiICT
Cavin MugaruraEducation and Training
Charles OchanAgriculture
Charlotte ArinaitweAgriculture
Charlotte Muhumuza KarungiAgriculture
Collins SaabweEducation and Training
Conny Grace AvakoAgriculture
Conrad TumwineHealthcare
Cynthia Olga Kiconco MuhekiConsulting
Davey Reich TuryasinguraFMCG
David Kintu NkwangaManufacturing
Denise Kantarama MuseminaliManufacturing
Deogratius SsekiddeProfessional Services
Drake LuleConstruction
Eliab Wilson MayengoConstruction
Emmanuel EdokuConstruction
Emmanuel Timothy Reigns OkothAgriculture
Evans Kato Tusubira, AgricultureAgriculture
Evelyn KireziTransportation
Fiona MpumwireICT
Getrude NambalirwaManufacturing
Godfrey MukoseHealthcare
Harriet Kobusingye, AgricultureAgriculture
Hassan Ssennyondo, AgricultureAgriculture
Henry Luyimbaazi, AgricultureAgriculture
Herman NkugwaManufacturing
Husein KalemaAgriculture
Immaculate Kali AcengAgriculture
Innocent AluleAgriculture
Irene MorachaAgriculture
Isabella AcomaiFashion
Ivan Kutosi AgonaEducation and Training
Jackline AlwedoEducation and Training
Jackline BayoaCommercial/Retail
Jackline WaliggoTransportation
Johnmary KavumaConstruction
Joseph MulabbiTransportation
Joseph OkwareEducation and Training
Josephat KaijageAgriculture
Jovulean ItunguHealthcare
Julian Florence AgwariAgriculture
Juliet NakaweesiWaste Management
Juliet NakyanziAgriculture
Julius EdwokAgriculture
Julius EmwoguManufacturing
Julius Enock NaikaAgriculture
Lilian NyangomaFashion
Lucy Isoke MarungaTourism/Hospitality
Lydia Night AnenaFashion
Magoola NathanMedia and Entertainment
Mariam NakigudeManufacturing
Marvin Peter AkankwasaAgriculture
Masha CheptoekEducation and Training
Mawejje Douglas DeoAgriculture
Mitchelle Omal AworManufacturing
Moses Blessed MutabaganyaManufacturing
Moses Mugagga KamyaEducation and Training
Muliwabyo JustusAgriculture
Norah NajjembaHealthcare
Patricia NassangaICT
Patrick MusisiAgriculture
Patrick RwekambaAgriculture
Patrick Nespoul OmodingAgriculture
Paul KiwanukaManufacturing
Paul MatovuAgriculture
Paul TumwesigyeEducation and Training
Peter KisadhaMedia and Entertainment
Philip OpioAgriculture
Phiona AsasiraFMCG
Racheal Junior NakintuAgriculture
Rachel Nabisubi BalungiAgriculture
Rancy Sharon BukenyaICT
Rashid KisekkaFMCG
Reaganson AlindaAgriculture
Richard Kirumira KalungiHealthcare
Robert MubiruAgriculture
Ronald TenywaWaste Management
Ronnie BahunguleProfessional Services
Rose Mary NakameWaste Management
Sam AgonaWaste Management
Samson TusiimeICT
Samuel OcimilEducation and Training
Sarah NassaziManufacturing
Sharif BasalirwaFinancial Services
Sheilla AbukoFashion
Siraje NyombiICT
Stallone Emmanuel ArinaitweFMCG
Stella AkelloFashion
Stephen AromaAgriculture
Stephy AbejaAgriculture
Suzan AnkundaManufacturing
Sylivia NabuumaFMCG
Theresa NalwangaManufacturing
Tonny KukeeraMedia and Entertainment
Trevor NserekoManufacturing
Vincent NserekoAgriculture
Walter Felix OpioAgriculture
Watson OwampiireAgriculture
Whitney Achieng OkumuFMCG
William EgumaAgriculture
Zuria NagadyaProfessional Services

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