Technology isn’t only restricted to the indoors, in fact, there are tons of gadgets and gizmos that love the outdoors as much as you do. Unlike indoor tech, outdoor gadgets have to be portable and practical. Here are three of the best outdoor devices for your next camping, hiking or lake trip.

Portable Coffee and Espresso Maker

Compared to most, outdoorsy people have mastered the art of waking up early to maximize every minute of their day. Up by dawn to start an all-day hike or to drive to their favorite stream for fly fishing. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the early fishermen get the fish. No matter how you’re spending your day outdoors, brewing up a fresh cup of coffee will keep you awake and alert throughout the day. According to a study by Harvard, coffee can reduce the risk of death by 15 percent and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer, cirrhosis and gout. Wacaco has created a portable and versatile gadget to make coffee or espresso on the go, regardless of where you might be. With their nanopresso or minipresso, you have the option to make your own coffee, espresso or use packaged packets ready for brewing. All you need to do is load in the coffee of your choice, pour the instructed amount of water and then use the built-in pump to filter the water through the coffee. With just three easy steps, you have fresh coffee or espresso ready for your next trip.

Hiking and Running Apps

Various studies and research show that being outside, hiking in mother nature could decrease stress and even increase problem-solving skills by up to 50 percent. In addition, studies show that symptoms of ADHD can be reduced in children when they are able to connect with nature. With so many benefits of hiking and being outside, there are no excuses why we shouldn’t all be doing more of it. With a hiking trail app like AllTrails, you’ll have access to information for over 50,000 trails including photos, maps and descriptions of what to expect shared by hikers just like yourself. Once downloaded on your iPhone 8 Plus, you’ll be able to track the trail in real time and look at live stats for distance, elevation and time.

UV Detector Protection

How much sun is too much? Usually, on a long hike or on the lake, you throw on some sunscreen and call it good. When you feel your skin burning a bit, you throw on some more. However, this might not be enough protection from the elements. Millions of Americans each year are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, mostly attributed to ultraviolet radiation directly from the sun. This breaks down to about one in five Americans who will develop skin cancer in the course of their life. Bluetooth UV detector devices work in conjunction with your smartphone to help monitor a safe amount of UV exposure. Devices like this keep track of how much sun you’ve been exposed to and when to remove yourself or apply more sunscreen.

You might have your backpack, hiking boots, fishing gear and sleeping bag, but don’t forget the tech that will keep you powered, healthy and connected while in the great outdoors.