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Xiaomi Officially Launch Their Noise-Cancelling 3.5mm in-Ear Headphones in China

Chinese-based electronics and software company Xiaomi Inc. on Tuesday launched a new pair of noise-cancelling in-ear headphones in China at a priced CNY 299 (roughly 165,000 UGX). The pair comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and is the next generation of last year’s Mi Noise Cancelling headphones, which were originally launched with a USB Type-C port.

According to NDTV news, Xiaomi claims that the new Mi Noise Cancelling headphones have a dual dynamic coil and dynamic iron acoustic structure. This architecture apparently results in original noise reduction and along with Xiaomi’s patented music separation acoustic system offers the listener an immersive experience.

The pair of headphones has active noise cancellation with a 50 – 1500Hz broadband and 20dB maximum noise suppression, which apparently allow the feature to work effectively in public environments.

The in-ear headphones sport a metal body that comes in a solid black color variant and also features an elastic back clip for the added convenience while travelling. Xiaomi also mentioned that the headphones have a 12-hour battery life – with a battery capacity of 55mAh.


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