TECNO’s new Phantom series smartphones set to launch on Oct 22

Did you ever think that ‘beauty personified’ was possible? Well, it is, and it’s finally here. A sneak peek at new TECNO Phantom phone: with its glass-like texture and the shine only true of a diamond, TECNO’s new Phantom is a thing of pure beauty.

Diamonds are now no longer just a girl’s best friend. Vincent Van Gogh once said: “It is no more easy to make a good picture than it is to find a diamond or a pearl.”

Now you can have both without compromise.

Its slick, luxury design radiates light and has been developed with extreme precision. It exudes elite fashion, so you can be truly proud to take your pocket’s new best friend anywhere you go.

This diamond design captures light like no other. Phantom phones’ tri-tone flashlight on the market and its light assist technology to enable brighter and sharper photo quality on a professional level, even in a dark environment.

It doesn’t stop there. With its ability to absorb and radiate light it is ideal for capturing that perfect selfie. Equipped with a front facing advanced camera and smart dual selfie flash, you can now shine bright like a diamond too.

Attracted by lights, and amazed by new horizons. We can’t wait to touchdown the latest sparkling innovation at TECNO’s flagship launch in just 5…4…3…2…1…


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