iOS 11 rolling out with ARKit, redesigned App Store

Apple started to push update notifications for its latest version of iOS operating system on Tuesday.

The iOS update includes AR, or augmented reality, capabilities, offering the technology to Apple users with an iPhone 6S or later.

Augmented reality technology blends the real world with the virtual by overlaying images and details onto a feed from a device’s camera.

Developers and members of the public have participated in public betas of the operating system since June, but Apple is now making iOS 11 available to all compatible iPads and iPhones.

iOS 11 compatible devices. Credit: VentureBeat

As Apple begins requiring that apps be compatible with 64-bit processors, most phones or tablets released in recent years will get the update — with the exception of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, as well as the fourth-gen iPad.

Games account for 75% of App Store revenue, according to App Annie, and the Store drives Apple’s Services segment, which has brought in $21.5B so far this year, up 19% on the prior year’s period.

The update will also include a revamped App Store, tools to combat distracted driving and higher camera quality.


Credit: CNBC


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