Meet ‘Animoji’ – Apple’s new 3D animated emoji based on facial expressions

During their event last night, Apple announced a new feature for the iPhone X called Animoji – which uses the Face ID sensor to sense motion and facial expressions, records your voice with the microphone, and generates cute 3D animated emoji to share with friends over iMessage.

Apple described Animoji as “custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions”.

Like Snapchat, Apple’s new Animoji feature works very similarly. Instead of being based on custom masks, they’re based on popular emoji. Twelve of them to be precise, including poop, panda, pig, and robot. Animoji essentially mirrors your facial expressions. So, as you move your face and talk, they will do the same, in real-time.

Apple also announced a partnership with Snapchat who will do advanced face filters using the new sensors, applying masks directly to the face.

The alien Animoji. Credit: 9to5Mac
Chicken Animoji. Credit: 9to5Mac
Poop Animoji. Credit: 9to5Mac



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