Safaricom signs sustainable development deal with United Nations Environment Program

The UN Environment Program (UNEP) and Kenyan telecom operator, Safaricom on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote low carbon development in the country.

Erik Solheim, UNEP Executive Director, said a partnership with the private sector will help reinvigorate the green agenda through investments in clean energy, waste management and watersheds protection.

“The private sector deserves a larger space to help build a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable world,” Solheim remarked, adding that businesses that invest in environmental sustainability are more profitable and appealing to consumers.

He revealed that a new partnership with Safaricom will focus on implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs) that have a bearing on green economy and inclusive prosperity.

“The agreement we have just signed with Safaricom will focus on rapid transformation to renewable energy in Kenya, reduce pollution, promote electric mobility and green finance in the country,” Solheim said.

He urged the Kenyan government to enact policies that encourage businesses to invest in clean technologies and conservation of vital ecosystems such as forests and watersheds.

Kenyan businesses have embraced the green and sustainability agenda in line with their corporate social responsibility ethos.


Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore said that said that a partnership with the UN Environment will help revitalize action on carbon emissions, deforestation and pollution that jeopardizes green economy in Kenya.

“Modern businesses have realized that integrating sustainability agenda in their core activities not only generates long-term benefits but have the capacity to transform livelihoods,” Collymore remarked.

He disclosed that Kenya’s leading mobile phone services provider has endorsed global pacts to reduce carbon and water footprints in key value chains.

“Our vendors are bound by a strict code of conduct that obliges them to cut down on waste and adopt energy efficiency measures,” said Collymore.

He added that Safaricom has rallied behind Kenya’s efforts to reduce plastic waste in urban centers alongside restoration of major water towers in the country.



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