The Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 ‘Galaxy Note FE’ Might Be Launched to Overseas Market

For many that have been following the case of the Samsung’s phablet; the Galaxy Note 7 – should probably the story very well. Recapping, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 faced a humiliating recall over exploding batteries which caused the firm dollars in lost profits and hammered its global credibility after around three million Galaxy Note 7 devices were returned to the firm.

However much this was big loss to the firm, they decided to refurbish the phablet launching it on 7th July 2017 as the Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) – or Galaxy Note 7R to others.

Having faced this problem, the company still has its loyal handset holders, and according to online reports, claim that the handset holders seem to be willing to let go of the past if it means owning one of Samsung’s best flagships from 2016.

Earlier on, we reported how the South Korean firm started selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphone under the moniker Galaxy Note FE limited to its home country first; South Korea. However, it looks like Samsung is ready to take the smartphone outside its home country.

The Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) could now make its way to some overseas markets, suggests to a report by The Investor. According to the report, the Galaxy Note FE has experienced huge popularity since it went on sale last week. Only 400,000 units of the Galaxy Note FE have been made for South Korea, and Samsung says that it has no plans to roll out more in the country.

However, some sources suggest that the company is considering launching the smartphone in some overseas markets later this month.[related-posts]

Priced at around USD$608 (approx. UGX), the Galaxy Note FE is about 20% cheaper than the Galaxy Note 7, and comes with a smaller 3200mAh battery.

Editor’s Note: This contains some inputs from Gadgets 360.

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