African American young men text messaging on PDA. (Photo Courtesy)
African American young men text messaging on PDA. (Photo Courtesy)

If you are that one person that uses a lot of data in a month say – stream movies or shows, heavy downloads or uploads, online gaming, to mention a few, an unlimited data plan for a month may be the best option for you. However, not all ISPs offer unlimited data plans (consult with your preferred ISP to see if they provide unlimited packages), and those that do may cap usage for people who use extraordinary amounts of data on a regular basis.

Earlier last month, telecom firm; MTN Uganda during a press media briefing at their offices in Kololo introduced three packages in its unlimited internet; Unlimited Premium which has been priced at 330,000 UGX, Unlimited Basic priced at 179,000 UGX, and Unlimited Night priced at 99,000 UGX. Unlike other packages, Unlimited Night was only made valid from 12am (Midnight) to 6am. All these packages have a validity of 30 days.

Other ISP such as Smile Communication, Vodafone Uganda, InfoCom, Tangerine, to mention a few also do have unlimited plans. Whatever plan suits you and your pocket well, is what you ought to go for.

Yes! Now you purchased your Unlimited Plan, but the question is, How are you/going(to be) using it? Are you using it wisely?

In this Editor’s Pick this week, we share a few ideas you can borrow so as you can use you unlimited data wisely. Feel free to share your ideas and opinions in the comment section below.

From Our Tipster: Generally speaking, text files use relatively small amounts of data, graphics and music files use larger amounts of data, and finally video files use very large amounts of data.

1. Don’t Tether Your Phone to Your PC for Updates
Forget about using your unlimited to update your PC. Usually updates run for over 1GB, which can usually be on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the operating system. Every time you make updates, a lot of your data is consumed, and this will in the end slow your speeds since its usually capped.

Tip >>: Tether your data only if you’re not carrying out heavy work, then spare your data for your mobile usage.

2. Avoid over sharing your internet
Sharing isn’t bad, but OVER sharing then becomes bad. Tethering your internet for your friends might also be something one could avoid. If you have like 5 friends connected to your internet, you find some are using it to download heavy media; such as movies, or music because to them, they know you have unlimited internet. Others might use it to make updates to their phones and PCs and in the end, you’re losing out.

Tip >>: If you are to share your internet, try to see you limit whoever is using it.

3. Always avoid auto updates and downloads
Auto downloads or updates are always good for Wi-Fi and NOT your mobile data. People that have mobile data turn on to auto updates or downloads usually load more data to their devices compared to those that might be loading less than a GB. Once seen that their data is depleting so fast, they begin to contact their ISP complaining.

Tip >>: Turn off auto updates and downloads on mobile data and set them for Wi-Fi only.