WIA To Hold its First Annual Female Entrepreneurial Gathering in Morocco

Women in Africa Club (WIA); an organization in Africa that was created to recognize the female figures all around Africa and the accomplishments seeks for Africa’s top female entrepreneurs to invite to its first annual gathering, set for Morocco in September.

With Uganda’s increasing population, the number of females in the country has greatly increased. Women today are fighting against inequality with a few to have greatly succeeded.

At an annual gathering that is scheduled in Marrakech, Morocco from September 25th to the 27th, 2017, WIA Club calls upon Top Female Entrepreneurs and influential business women in Africa to send in their applications to participant in a discussion that will be under the theme “Investing for better governance with African women” – looking forward to meeting all these successful women from the different countries in the continent that can bring an impact to young.

During the event, a selected number and group of people will be required to show case their inventions, creations and work to more than 300 delegates. It will be a unique opportunity to gather and act with international stakeholders within their sector, gaining in business opportunities, knowledge, and network.

Less than 25 entrepreneurs will be allowed to showcase at the WIA Entrepreneurs Hub while a further five will be selected to give a talk at the WIA Philanthropy “Revelations Night”. It’s supposed to celebrate and encourage the most innovative initiatives done by African women across the different types of sectors such as; education, health, agriculture, technology, energy, among others.

These entrepreneurs will be picked by a panel of judges based on certain assets such as; impact, innovation, growth potential, traction, the determination, ambition and skills of the team.

Follow the Link Here to apply now.

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