‘Asoriba’ a Ghanaian Startup That Streamlines Church Services

African startups are today growing at a steady pace, participating in a number of innovation and other tech-related challenges/hackathons globally – in return gaining popularity and funding.

Typically, churches have been some of the least digitally-enabled organisations in the world. They are less focused on, given a number of factors/reasons.

PC Tech Magazine has today come across a Ghanaian startup dubbed ‘Asoriba‘ a web and mobile application that enables effective church administration for leaders, and seamless engagement with members via mobile phones. According to Disrupt Africa, it makes it easy for members to pay tithes and offerings using(s), and provides tailor-made financial services to churches. Members can be reached via push notifications, SMS, Email, and also via the app.[related-posts]

Co-founder and CEO of the startup; Nana Prempeh told Disrupt Africa that they’re looking to help church leaders overcome challenges in engaging with their congregation, monitoring attendance and keeping track of financial contributions.

(Photo Credit: Asoriba Twitter Page)
(Photo Credit: Asoriba Twitter Page)

“As Christians, we found that the church had a number of challenges it faced that could be  solved with technology, and the church market was also a big one worth addressing,” he said.

He further told Disrupt Africa that they provide both an administrative dashboard and a free mobile app that can be customized – for a fee – to churches on sign up.

“We integrate multiple branches of a church, allowing administrators of large churches easy access to all their data. Finally, we integrate with multiple payment processors and aggregators across Africa, making it easy and affordable to donate digitally,” he says.

The startup has been reportedly said to have signed up 5,000 church clients in the country since its launch. In addition, expanding to Nigeria and South Africa.

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