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How to be a Dot-Com Dad like Steven Opeitum at Kilimall Uganda

Online shopping is one thing that has made our lives easy, shopping for your products or services online at any/your place of convenience – be it Home, Work, School, or even out of the country; this applies when you’re shopping outside your countries boundaries.

Notably, Kilimall Uganda launched in May 2016 serves a retail customer base that continues to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories from; Phones & Accessories, Electronics & Appliances, Clothing, Bags & Fashion, Home & Living, Office Products, Automotive, Digital Products, Kids Toys, to name a few, competing with some of its biggest rivals in the country.

Ever since its launch in the country, its customer base has been growing gradually, receiving good feedback and reviews from its customers, – making the online marketplace to keep growing and gain a trust from its customers.

PC Tech Magazine, managed to reach one of Kilimall Uganda’s loyal customer; Steven Opeitum who now is being called the “Dot.Com” Dad by his family and friends, and some of the products he has purchased have been taken by his daughter, calling him a Dot.Com who can still buy more.

Kilimall Uganda was able to list to us some of the products he’s bought which include; Multifunctional Portable KR8800 Matte Wireless Bluetooth, and an IPS touch screen smart watch, among others.

Having bought the IPS touch screen smart watch is when he gain his new name, the Dot.Com Dad. Online marketplace; Kilimall Uganda was so impressed about the positive feedback they were receiving from Steven, and urges its customers to be more of Dot.Com Dads and Moms, ….. here’s how:

1. Purchase your favorite tech gadgets ranging from Phones to Smart gadgets to Computers and Laptops, or Electronics and Appliances.

2. You can adopt to online shopping for conveniences issues, than traditional shopping where you might want to buy something; for instance urgently but you don’t get the time to do so.

3. Urge your family and friends to adopt to online shopping. Be an example to them.

4. Be a consistent/regular shopper.[related-posts]

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