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How to Register you SimCard Details Using Your National ID With Your Phone

Following a directive from the Government regulatory body of communications in Uganda; Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) on Tuesday this week issued a 7 day ultimatum to all Ugandans to have their SimCard registration particulars updated using their National IDs or Passports, short of which they would be deactivated, if not taken serious or done in time.

The deadline for this process is Wednesday April 12th, 2017. This directive affects both our new and existing customers.

“All existing subscribers should present their National ID’s to their operators for verification within 7 days,” UCC writes in a tweet.

To avoid disconnection or disturbance or any other problems, in just a few simple steps, have you SimCard details updated by you. The good news is that you won’t have to go line up at at the telecom outlets for this. If you see it’s impossible/might be difficult for you, ask a friend to help you out.

The acceptable customer identification documents for SIM registration are:

      1. Ugandans- National identification card.
      2. Non-Ugandans- Passport.
      3. Refugees- Registration documents from office of the Prime Minister.
      4. Corporate bodies- Registration documents certified by the Uganda Registration Services.

In this scenario, we used a National ID!

So follow these four simple steps and in less than a minute or two, you will be done. We tried this on MTN and Airtel, but the process is still the same.

Step One: Launch you dial app, and dial *197# and press the send button or call button. If you’re phone is a dual SimCard holder, select one operator at a time. For instance if you’ve MTN and Airtel, you can choose which to start with, in this example we started with MTN (then followed the same steps for Airtel).

Step Two: From the pop-up option, select the option of National ID Details. When we carried out this, we found out that MTN had three options on the pop-up list and Airtel had only two. But don’t worry, just select the ‘National ID Details’ option, and click OK or send.

Step Three: You will be asked to enter your National ID Number (NIN). Your NIN is the 13 digit number on your ID that starts with either CF or CM (CM*******). To locate the NIN, its just below the Nationality section or above the Date of Birth section.

Step Four: You’re asked to enter you’re details, this is your First Name and Surname. With MTN, you’re asked to enter you’re First Name first and then Surname follows (This is vice-versa to Airtel, ‘but still its the same procedure’.).

Step Five: You will receive a confirmation that states “Your SIM is fully registered, Thank You.” or “Dear customer, your request has been accepted successfully” for Airtel and MTN respectively.

As per the UCC directive, all SIM cards whose details are not updated by Thursday April 20th, 2017 shall be deactivated.

Editor’s Note: If you read this article, inform a friend to tell a friend, and a friend. Don’t get disconnected.[related-posts]

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