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Users Across Britain, Europe and Australia Reported Poblems Accessing Their Facebook News Feeds

According to reports by Daily Mail, this morning around 9am GMT (12pm EAT), frustrated Facebook users across Britain, Europe, and Australia reported that they were unable to access their news feed on the social media site.

It is believed over 1,000 complaints were made by angry Facebook users, frustrated by the interruption to their social media fix.

Almost half of the issues reported said there was a total blackout, while 36% reported problems logging in, and 20% reported issues with the app.

Many users have taken to Twitter showing their frustration.

This isn’t the first time the social media platform has left users unable to access their accounts, following a similar glitch that happened in 2016 where users globally weren’t in position to use the platform and its photo-sharing app; Instagram for almost an hour.

In September the social network went down again – three times in the same month.

The problem has since been resolved and Facebook appears to be working normally, according to reports by Daily Mail.

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