People discover the joy of losing themselves in a game - whether that be a simple turn on a mobile game or a thrilling first person shooter. Image Credit:
People discover the joy of losing themselves in a game - whether that be a simple turn on a mobile game or a thrilling first person shooter. Image Credit:

Everyone who owns a smartphone knows that the games market is immense. It spreads as far as single player classics through to fantastic casino games. Much as we may enjoy playing games via 7 Sultans Online Casino, the fact remains that there’s many other great things to look forward to. Tempting as it may well be t just swing along and go mobile with 7Sultans, there’s lots of amazing prospects on the horizon.

Here’s a few of the best things to look forward to.

1. Even Better In Match Gambling!
It’s no secret that many sports fans enjoy placing their bets while games unfold. Given the enhanced power and connectivity of online 4G gaming, this is one of the most popular ways of online gambling. The big difference however is being able to live stream games, via cell phone, and interact with it. It’s no surprise that those who run the biggest and best online sports books are paying attention to this trend. They’re also spending a fortune on live rights – which will enable most fans to watch sports on their mobile and bet according their wishes.

2. Virtual Reality
It’s still early days but all the signs suggest that this is the format which will dominate household entertainment in coming years. Rather remarkably the latest smartphones are being configured with this in mind – lots of RAM, and processors that best any standard laptop. Check out Steam just to see how the future looks. It’s still in early stages, but everyone said that about the first iPhone. Look and see, VR is the future of mobile gaming. Make no mistake live VR play is going to be the next big thing when it comes to both gaming or gambling.

3. Good Chance It’ll Be Cheaper!
The integration between cell services and domestic broadband is becoming ever more murkier. The days of ComCast over subscriptions are looking thankfully over. The same is true for European and Asian markets – to put it simply the market has never been more competitive. This is why so many service providers are entering into direct relationships with betting partners. Before the year is out expect any cable provider to automatically twin with a betting partner. It’s good, just make sure to check one’s T&Cs.

4. Games Are Getting Even Better
The worst kept secret in the online gaming market is how fantastic modern games can be. Game developers put vast amounts of effort and finance to make sure the 2017 customer has the best service. It’s a fascinating trend and one to keep an eye on. Obviously online casinos want your trade, but fact remains that they’ll leap over themselves to get even a free-play mobile gamer. All the top sites offer some some fun play, make the best of them as they’re often very good.

So Overall?
Overall 2017 is looking like a great year to get into online gaming. As much as general technology goes, expect the online industry to be right on it’s heels. All the pedigree is there already, such is the tech and vast potential to finally see a betting market that works with the fans.