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WhatsApp New Update Let’s You Know Who Reads Your Messages in Groups

Facebook-owned social messaging platform WhatsApp Inc last year promised it’s billion users more interesting features/updates on it’s mobile app. One of the features it’s bringing this year is the ability to allow users to revoke or edit messages that have already been sent to other contacts. However, the feature will be available in WhatsApp’s iPhone beta version and is said to be disabled by default, meaning that you will have to turn it on manually.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has introduced a feature that let’s users know who reads their messages in WhatsApp groups. The user selects any message s/he sends in a group they are currently in, and from the option bar that appears on top of the messages, you select message info icon/option. It will show you how many people in the group have read that message at what particular time, and how many still remain to read, and also who it was delivered.

In the pictorial above, shows that the message I sent was read by 36 members, and 62 members remaining to read, while it was 24 members delivered to and 37 members remaining.

Notably, WhatsApp for iPhone has received an update that includes the increase of WhatsApp photo and video sharing limit from 10 to 30, and the ability to queue messages; a feature that was made available to Android users first.

The queue feature can let you can send a WhatsApp message to a group or an individual even when connectivity is unavailable, and the message will be sent automatically once you get connectivity on your iPhone.

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