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Top 4 Administrative Apps for Small Businesses

Running a company is tough, but it can be greatly simplified with the use of the right technology. If you’ve been struggling to juggle the gauntlet of duties associated with leading a small business, chances are you’re not currently utilizing the right software. Mobile apps in particular are extremely useful for busy owners and managers because they give you the power to perform administrative tasks while on-the-go.

With that said, here are four of the best apps for keeping up with a small business from the comfort of your mobile device:

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist started out as a general to-do list app and has since morphed into a robust business solution that makes it easy to remotely delegate specific tasks to employees. The list is automatically synced between employee devices and can be equipped with specific notes, deadlines, reminders, and subtasks. When you have a lot of work to assign and it needs to be done in a timely manner, this is an excellent tool to have. Earning a masters in business administration online teaches you that task delegation is one of the most important steps in company management, so it’s best to handle this aspect of productivity before anything else.

2. Toggl

Tracking time expenditure is essential when you have a litany of duties that you’re responsible for within the course of a day. Using your minutes and hours wisely is paramount, so employing a time-tracking app like Toggl to schedule your exact agenda and hold yourself accountable is a good way to make sure you’re staying on the right track throughout the day. Online MBA programs also teach you the importance of proper time management, which is why this type of app is close to the top of the list.

3. Trello

When it comes to project management platforms, most people think of Basecamp as the go-to app. However, a new competitor called Trello is taking the niche by storm with a more visual, user-friendly, and mobile-oriented design. You can drag and drop list components to different areas based on their status, attach files, create lists, and engage in group chat, all within one convenient interface.

4. Streak

Customer relationship management (CRM) apps like Streak help you keep track of your contacts and current/prospective clients based on which stage of business you’re at with them. For example, you can organize lists so that it’s easier to see who you’ve already sent a pitch to, who’s interested in starting a trial, and who you need to follow up with. Having a robust mobile CRM platform like this can save you a lot of time and confusion when you’re pitching and dealing with a large volume of clients on a regular basis.

Compiling a Mobile Tool Set to Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity

Ultimately, the tools above and any other mobile apps you can use to simplify business management are virtually mandatory in today’s fast-paced mobile-centric world. If you’re only administering a business while you’re in the office, you’ll undoubtedly be missing out on opportunities and distracting yourself rather than advancing your company.


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  1. Another app for small businesses would be Timogix. The price per user is lower than most other time tracking apps making it easier for small business to start tracking employee time.

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