5 Business Industries Set to Be Big in 2017

Are you thinking about entering the exciting, competitive, and dynamic world of business? Perhaps you’re currently enrolled in an online MBA no GMAT program, or perhaps you’re thinking about looking into the best online MBA programs so you can get an even higher level of education that will qualify you for the best jobs in the field. However, if you really want to succeed in business, you need to not only know how to do business, but also what industries are thriving and worth diving into.

Keep reading to learn about five that are set to be big in 2017.

1.      Food Technology

Food technology is an industry that’s focused on all of the new “smart” kitchen tools and appliances that have been hitting the market to make life easier in the busiest room in the house. The tools are designed to offer a variety of unique and modern benefits to consumers, and customers are definitely excited to purchase what’s already out there and what is yet to come, so this industry is booming.

2.      Virtual Reality

Another industry that is set to be even bigger in 2017 is virtual reality technology, also known as VR tech. Many businesses, as well as brands like Microsoft, Samsung and Facebook, are searching for the many ways that virtual reality can be used to enhance people’s lives every day. There are already some virtual reality headsets out there, and it is anticipated that customers will purchase even more of them in the coming year.

3.      Wearable Technology

If you want to grow your business, consider entering the wearable devices market, which is set to expand even more in 2017. You can now find wearable devices across the United States and around the world. The industry is not about to slow down, as the demand for these products is steadily increasing. Over time, the technology will become even more cost-effective, as well as more powerful and more compact.

4.      Electronic Cigarettes

The e-cig industry has been growing steadily over the last few years as more and more people all over the world quit smoking traditional, harmful cigarettes and opt for vaping instead. Go into just about any large city in the country, as well as many suburban areas, and you will find e-cig shops selling e-liquids and vaping devices to the public, so this is definitely an industry you can get into if you want to start generating profits.

5.      Anti-Fraud Software

Finally, because of the rampant identity theft everywhere you turn, many companies are looking for software that will assist them in detecting fraud and preventing problems before they occur. If you are savvy enough, dive into the fraud protection industry and start developing tools that will prevent identity theft.

If you want to enter the business world and be a success, you should consider stepping into one of the five growing industries listed above. It will certainly be interesting to see what else is in store as technology continues to evolve in the coming years.


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