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Google’s Trusted Contacts app lets loved ones know you are safe during disasters

Google has launched a new app called Trusted Contacts for Android users. The app aims to let users tell their trusted ones that they are safe in times of crisis. It sends your location to assigned users to let them know where you are in emergency situations like earthquake or any other natural disasters.

The Trusted Contacts app has a simple interface and does solely what it says. The Google Play description reads, “Trusted Contacts is a personal safety app that opens a direct line of sharing between you and your loved ones.” The safety app lets you add your closest family and friends as trusted contacts. You can then allow these contacts to request your location in case of emergency.

When the location is asked for by any assigned contacts, you receive it in the form of a phone call. You can either deny it if you are safe and don’t need help, or share your location with the contact. If you fail to respond within five minutes then the location is automatically sent to the trusted contact. Google claims that this works even if you’re offline or your smartphone is out of battery.

Image Credit: NDTV
Image Credit: NDTV

Alternatively, you can alert your contacts as well by sharing your location proactively. Once the contact receives the information, they can now track your smartphone and know exactly where you are. Google says that trusted contacts can also see your phone’s activity status to quickly know you’re alright.

The Trusted Contacts app is similar to many safety apps out there, but is likely to be refined. While Safety Check on Facebook just allows your friends to know you’re safe, this app does much more than that.

The Trusted Contacts is available for free download on Google Play. There is no word of availability for iOS users for now.

Credit: NDTV


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