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Snaplytics Launching First Snapchat Competitor Analysis Solution for Brands and Agencies

As Snapchat continues to grow in users and significance as a marketing tool aimed at the under-35 demographic, brands and the agencies that serve them are seeking more data about how the platform is performing as a marketing outlet.

Snaplytics, the SaaS company offering Snapchat marketing insights, on Monday announced it is now providing competitor analysis so brands can research and assess what others are doing on the platform, to help them make strategic decisions regarding their own Snapchat campaigns.

Snaplytics is the only company to offer this easy-to-use solution which simply requires companies to plug a brand’s user name into a Snaplytics dashboard and then review a range of analytics.


The tool allows companies to easily add any Snapchat account, observe the frequency with which that account posts stories and snaps, the duration of the updates, how the content is split between videos and images as well as the duration and overall amount of time people have been engaged. This new product is in the Snaplytics portfolio of analytic solutions which already includes brand analytics and influencer analytics.

Thomas Cilius, founder and CEO, Snaplytics in a statement said, the social media platform is a fantastic tool for marketers but because content disappears so fast, it is impossible for brands to monitor 24/7 what is going on with their competition on the platform.[related-posts]

Snaplytics’ Snapchat analytics dashboard for companies and agencies reveals a range of analytics not available with the Competitor Analysis product. Such data as open rates, completion rate, what screen grabs are taken, how many followers a campaign has and how followers started following the account is available for companies using the Brand Analytics product. The company uses proprietary technology that does not require any public APIs. Top brands as Ben & Jerry’s, Vodafone and the City of Las Vegas and close to 200 other major brands and agencies in 30 countries make up Snaplytics’ monthly subscriber base.

“By providing this data in an easy-to-read dashboard, brands and agencies gain the marketing insights they need and have time to consider how they want to create their own campaigns based on the best practices from their competitors,” Thomas adds.


The new service is free for competitive monitoring of one account. Prices start at $29 per month for 2-5 accounts, $49 a month for 6-10 accounts and $79 a month for 11-20 accounts. Contact Snaplytics for pricing for more than 20 accounts.

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