4 Organization Programs Every Business Administrator Should Be Using

The transition from paper to digital file recording first gave businesses an example of how much faster they could organize documents. Additionally, filing documents via computer systems increased efficiency and enabled business owners to recall information in an instant.  Holders of an online business administration degree may have done wonderfully while in school, but they don’t all utilize supporting software in a way that best enables them to do their duties.

In short, your business administrator may be falling behind at work because there’s not enough organization behind the scenes. Learn more about these four stellar business organization programs you can start using today to recharge your team.

1. FreshBooks

Invoicing is a process that could go a lot faster if it weren’t for all the details. You can use autofill features to complete specific fields, but your invoices must always be detailed and accurate if you are to keep precise financial records. FreshBooks is a program that can pretty much automates the entire invoicing process.

From cool features that allow companies to personalize their invoices to include their logos and slogans, to import options that aid business administrators who are filling out lengthy invoice summaries, FreshBooks makes billing and invoicing extremely simple.

2. Slack 

If you completed your online business degree recently, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t already know what Slack is and what it can do for your business. This software makes collaborating fun and effortless, but more importantly, it provides users with features that are simply ingenious for working together on projects.

From the Slack interface, you can keep your projects organized and up to date more easily than you ever thought possible. Start a new project whenever you want and time how long it takes for it to be completed. You can invite new people to join you on a Slack project, so you will always be aware of each person’s individual efforts.

3. PayPal

The majority of business owners and administrators who use the internet regularly already use PayPal to transfer money online security, but not everyone is using their mobile app. Sometimes you need to make a payment while you’re on the go, which can be difficult to initiate from a mobile browser.

Online bank accounts are convenient, but then you have to consider how secure your connection is if you’re using public Wi-Fi. The PayPal app is always secure, so you can check the status of incoming payments and send funds while you are not at work or home.

4. Evernote

Even organized people occasionally have to use crayons and napkins to make notes to themselves when other tools are not available. Evernote is kind of like digital bulletin board that you can pin bits and pieces of the webs to, in a fairly cohesive manner. Take a screenshot and affix it to some brief notes you made about parts of the image that stick out, then come back and start to compile a detailed report from the notes you took in Evernote.

Organized business professionals always know what they’re doing. Well, at least what they should be doing at the time. If time has been getting away from you, these business organization themed programs may be helpful.


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